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Question about picking up my first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jamie_2006, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Hi!

    Well I got my L's on the weekend just past and im expecting to get my new bike (Kawasaki VN250) on Friday sometime if all goes to plan.

    What i would like to know is......
    Would you recommend i ride it from the shop to home?

    Im kind of in two minds about it all atm. Yes i feel confident to ride it depending on the time of pickup, i DONT want to be riding in peak hour traffic on a freeway that’s bad enough in a car let alone on a bike!
    Its only a short trip from the shop to home (Brooklyn to Hoppers Crossing) but it does require dealing with the freeway and some traffic.

    I guess id just like to hear a few opinion from others as im sure nearly everyone here has been in the same situation in the past.

    Did you ride your bike from the shop the first time out?


  2. Nup, mine didn't go so it got dropped off in a trailer.
  3. No, i got a friend to ride it back to my place.
  4. You answered your own question. All you need to do now is find out pickup time.
    That'll tell you whether you will be picking it up or asking them to drop it off.

    If youre already questioning, its probably a better idea to get it dropped off. You
    are then free to start out without having pressure of having to ride; when you get
    some balls.
  5. Had mine delivered.

    In fact they followed me home, and I gave them a lift back to the dealership (in my car).
  6. i rode mine home with gf following in car... 80% freeway riding.... but lucky was on a sunday afternoon :) crapped myself first few corners..... but just kept goin over technique in my head before a corner and kind of settled down after that... once you get home you wanna jump for joy... then go straight back out again!!!! nothin like that first ride!!!! good luck mate..... i've got fri of this week.. but in totally different state... otherwise would love to come for ride an help you pick it up :)
  7. got mine 2 days before i went 2 do l's course so my old man picked it up for me as i followed was actually a lil upsetting lol its all going 2 depend on do u feel confident 2 pick it up urself n ride a unfamiliar bike home when u dont have a lot of experience
  8. Dont worry mate. All that shit (confidence etc etc) comes with time. You wont have to wait too long for it either. :wink:
  9. Jamie, if (like me) you've never ridden a motorbike before getting your Ls then maybe riding on the freeway straight up isn't a good option. I rode my bike home from the dealer when I bought it. There were minimal turns and lane changes to be made on that trip. 60km/h seemed fast to me back then. Most of the trip home was in 80km/h zones but the amount of traffic (wasn't peak hour) made sure that 80 wasn't achieved that often. It took me a little while (1 week and 250km) to get used to 80km/h before I went onto a freeway at 100km/h. I suggest that it'd be best to work up to it rather than hitting it immediately.
  10. My dad rode mine home for me :D

    An option I considered was going to the bike shop when it closed, then waiting around (or parking it in secure place) until late at night, say 11 or 12 or later even if you're keen. Then just take your time going home, no rush.
  11. Ordinarily if I got up feeling good or happy I would immediately go to my doctor to find out what was wrong with me, but a day like picking up a new bike to take home has no comparison with any other event, its euphoria without people asking you if you’re chasing it in dark alleys, its all the planets having aligned at a precise moment in your life, don’t knock this moment back, seize it and enjoy.
    I am currently testing ways to erase my memory just before I hop on my bike to enable me to feel that first time every time I go for a ride, ill post my results soon if I can remember my login.
  12. [quote="MG
    If youre already questioning, its probably a better idea to get it dropped off. You
    are then free to start out without having pressure of having to ride; when you get
    some balls.[/quote]
    I'm with MG (maybe not the some balls bit). That stretch of freeway is unforgiving in peak traffic. If you do ride you should be able to back road from Brooklyn to Hoppers. I would suggest somebody buddy up in car or bike if you ride.
  13. Yep 3 days after learners jumped on my new bike and rode from Dandenong to Mornington. Busy traffic and freeways were a bit of a worry but hey ya gotta learn sometime. :grin:
  14. Yay, go the kawasaki!

    Mine was delivered. It was the right thing for me, but some of the other riders in the learners course would have been fine on the roads with their previous experience.

    Even though it was the right decision at the time, I can't wait to ride back (confidently!) to where I bought it for the service. Gotta redeem myself somehow. :roll:
  15. i work in brooklyn and have pretty leniant conditions so if you'd like someone to drive behind you and shield you from traffic let me know.

    0400 454 318 - anytime dude.

    also i have a car with a towbar if it comes down to that.
  16. I gotta admit I didnt ride mine home - I'd passed my L's 3months previously and hadnt been on a bike since (saving up :cry: ) and didnt wanna go through the city on tram tracks having no experience on the road...

    I then got up early to practise the next day going around the block etc, but then again I'm obviously a wuss as I got a mate to pick up my second bike too...heavy rain meant I wasnt gonna get on a 650 after only riding a 250, in pouring rain and drop it especially as I had an awesome mate who agreed to ride it for me (thanks TG)..
  17. Thanks for the replies and suggestions everyone. :)

    flexorcist - thanks for the very kind offer mate! Quite shocked that you would offer to do such a thing not even knowing me at all. Really appreciated, but i already have arranged for someone to follow me home, that was always going to be the plan if i desided to ride.

    Ive made up my mind to ride home via the back roads with someone following in a car.
    If its peak hour ill get a mate to ride it back for me.

    MG - I do have balls, just dont get to use them as often as i would like though. :p