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question about new bike suspension

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ShimmerBabe, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I recently bought a new 2006 Yamaha FZ1 and have had the front forks lowered to their max and the rear is already lowered to its max. Instead of going out now and buying a lowering link from US for AU $150 I am wondering if anyone here knows if the bike will naturally lower a little
    over time..


  2. Please change the title of your thread from all capitals. Otherwise it may just disappear. :)
    It's covered in the Terms and Conditions or forum registration.
  3. A noticeable amount? Not really no, at least not in the short term. After a years riding, maybe.
  4. Ok thanks guys :)
  5. Could you explain how it has been lowered?
  6. Only guessing but, front forks lowered via the tripple clamps and rear via the preload spring adjust ?

    If it is via the above way [ as I said I'm only guessing ] the bikes geometry and handling wouldn't be that good.

    If your a short arse I'd be looking at getting the seat altered 1st, before altering the suspension :)
  7. Which is why I'd like to know before giving advice.
  8. Hi guys,

    yep VTRBob is correct with the front end alteration through the triple clamps and I am guessing he is also right the the rear. I can get by so maybe I will not bother especially if it is going to alter the handling too much :eek: The seat, well I would not want it any harder than what it is so will probably leave that one alone. I am 168cm tall so medium height.

    Thanks for all your input so far!!

    Mimmy :)