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Question about L's & Gear

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by carpetbelly, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong place... Obviously I have my L's booked in for April down in Botany (can't wait!!!). I know they supply gear there but do you think it would be worth trying to source a lid before I go?

    It's just I remember in the UK i was a shoei xxxl (yes, I have a big head lol) and struggled when I got on my course in the uk for a lid. I've looked in a couple of shops so far without much luck.

    Do you think the course will be able to cover me if I cannot find anything that fits nicely before then? I've emailed the RTA for contact details to ask as well and not heard back yet in case.
  2. If you know you'll be riding "forever" and you have the cash, why not get your lid before the course?
    I did - didn't like the thought of the thousands of rotten heads that go through the supplied helmets...
  3. Go shopping & find a lid, seriously you need one anyway once you start riding so why not get it out of the way...
  4. sorry prob didnt explain myself too well, I am looking, just struggling to find something to fit my fat head at the moment :(
  5. Not sure about their city shop, but MCAS Auburn has a large range of helmets - they might also cater for the gentleman with the generously-proportioned head?
  6. I can just see it now... "none of these fit... " - "Larry, bring out, the BIG helmet!!".

    Personally, I think you're doing everything you can do. You are trying to get one before you go. If you can't get one, then all you can do is hope they have one there that will fit you. I suspect you wouldn't be the first person that needs a large helmet, so, surely they'll have one. If they don't, there really isn't much you can do about it (except what you are already doing).

    btw, if you're looking for a helmet, check out Takamii helmets. Search for it here in this forum. You can ask him directly if he'll have anything to fit you etc.
  7. Hmm, I was thinking more along the lines of "none of these fit...." - "Larry, bring out the tub of grease and the mallet!".
  8. lol with comments like those I definately feel a touch more determined to find something before hand! :D
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    Have you seen shrek? You might end up in one of those big head helmets like when he goes to duloc!
  10. I used one of the supplied helmets and it smelt a bit like sweat but wasn't too bad. I would have preferred to have my own helmet!

    If your size really is that large you will definitely want to find one beforehand because from memory the biggest supplied was about an XL!

    Always nice to have your own helmet.

    And remember the right helmet will feel a little firm when it's new, they loosen up a little as the liner compresses to your face over time. It shouldn't slide straight on and shouldn't move at all when it's on your head. A lot of people get sizes too large because they look for a comfortable fit in the shop, then a few months later the helmet moves around.

    It shouldn't be so tight that you can feel the styrofoam pushing into your head though...

    There's a few brands that make helmets a bit larger. HJC is one, I found RJays to be a little larger than others too.
  11. well, last time i was measured i was around a 64/66cm head...

    Looking at the RJays website defo look they go up that large. Need to just find somewhere that has them that large in stock to try.

    Thanks people
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    oh haha ;)

    though, that would look kind of cool I reckon :D
  13. Very good point. They do loosen up after a while. Basically, when you put it on, you should be bighting the inside of your check a little bit.
  14. Lord Dark Helmet!!
  15. lol ok, I dont know if I would actually wear something like that but you can bet your ass if it's googled there will be someone in the world with something similar, if not a little smaller though ;)
  16. carpetbelly not sure which service provider you are doing your course at but where I did mine at HART they have racks and racks of helmets in different sizes for people to wear while doing their learners and probationary tests. Maybe you should go to the course operator in Botany and actually try out their helmets to see if any can fit you, if so ask them if they could put that particular one aside on the day for you to use otherwise get there real early to get dibs on it. They provide unused white hair nets which you wear first then wear the helmet so the previous persons sweat shouldn't be an issue.

    Yes it would be good to get a helmet from beforehand but firstly do you have a bike to begin with, if not then you could possibly buy them together. If you already have a bike and you need to urgently buy a closed face helmet but unable to find one in the interim then I'd suggest to get a moderately priced open face or half helmet that fits so you can start scooting on 2 wheels after your course and focus your efforts on finding the helmet you want in the size you want.

    Good luck.
  17. Well, had a fun weekend... at least the weather was top for it! Got to try lots of different lids and only MCAS had two that fitted, which I didnt think was too bad. So at least that gives me something to find online as they still seemed quite marked up.

    The one thing I found unbelievable though was the deals available for bikes.

    Other people seemed to get good ones, I didnt get offered one half decent one. I mean, I overheard someone get 1k off a 7k bike, I though I'd ask myself a bit after and the best I got was a 'free helmet as it's right on the limit of making a profit as it was'. Which made me laugh even more considering I'd already tried all teh lids in the shop on and the guy knew none of them fitted lol. Guess it's a standard sales pitch for someone askign for a deal lol.

    I mean, one place even had a kawa Er-5 with a dent in the tank, and some fair scratches down the side. I thought no harm in asking, $5k. I asked if there was any movement on that, none whatsoever. I even asked for taking out the same day, still nothing lol. I know learner bikes over here seem to hold a premium but considering earlier in the day I'd seen a newer hyosung comet 650 with lower milage, full service history and not dropped for the same price it's mad!
  18. Thankyou everyone for the ideas... Ended up doing a late night shop at MCAS superstore... Got an RJays SP2 matt black in xxxl :D
    And a Dririder jacket that fits and they pretty much discounted it all enough to throw in an iridium visor as well. Happy with all that
  19. Great work. So, when's the course now?