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Question about Insurance <18

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by brainfried, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, got a mate under 18 thats looking into his first bike (VTR250, as it seems.)
    Firstly, as ive never done it, how does insurance go for getting someone under 18 insured?
    His father is about 52, with 30 years driving exp, 15 years riding exp, and hasnt had a claim in at least 5? years.

    Whats his best move?


    EDIT: Keep in mind, this is for 3rd party only.

  2. make sure you have lube.
  3. Yeah, i told him to prepare for that.
  4. Just make sure you have 3rd party property. It will be pretty cheap, mine was $170 when I was 18.

    Comprehensive on a learners bike at our age is almost a complete waste of time. I was up for nearly a $3k premium then a $2K excess. Thought I'd save my money and if I binned the bike I'd just have to live with it, then spend the $5K which would of gone to insurance either fixing it myself or getting another bike.
  5. 'til you crash and fcuk yourself, or someone up.
  6. Unless i did something wrong, e-bike insurance quoted 1200 for third party.

  7. blaringmike is in ACT. different system.
  8. 3rd party property damage isnt that expensive for us young guys (even if you have a bad driving record).

    i would recommend just getting that and driving carefully. If you total your bike then no more riding.

    I dont see how you would be paying more than $300-350 / year to get your mate insured, just ring around. He could probably even pay by the month like $30-40.
  9. The first thing he should do is pick up the telephone. After that I recomend calling insurance companies and getting quotes. Then, once he has a few quotes he can choose the policy that suits him best. :)

    Being under 18 means nothing. RACV were more than happy to give me 3rd party fire & theft when I was 17. :)
  10. My bad, i think that was 3rd party fire, theft, etc.

    Yeah, hes going to ring NRMA and see what they can do considering its been so long since his parents have had a claim etc.

    Cheers guys
  11. Third party property covers other vehicles.
    CTP covers yourself and anyone else injured in a crash. (I know, been there done that)

    Only loss is the cost of your vehicle repairs. You don't need comprehensive insurance to cover yourself for injuries.
  12. You did something wrong, or are looking at the wrong place who are asshats. Expect to pay around 200 for third party.
  13. Cost me $211 to insure the 250 Bandit, and i'm 19, so i'd expect something close to that, if not only slightly higher, but i'm lazy and went straight with NRMA, without getting other quotes.
  14. Yeah, i he went down today to the NRMA and they ended up doing him a some sort of deal due to how long its been since his parents had claims etc.

    Cheers guys
  15. His parents insurance and driving history means nothing if the policy is going to be in his name.
  16. That depends, I'm not sure about NRMA, but with some other insurers, in particular AAMI, you can actually inherit your parents NCB if they've been a long-standing customer.
  17. Which is why I said you should get 3rd party property to cover others, then pocket the money you'd spend on comprehensive and if anything happens to your bike you can fix it up yourself.
  18. lucky you said it.