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Question about Honda CTX200 rear sprocket

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Jam Panther, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. I found the CTX while looking for a replacement for recently deceased KLR250. I had used the KLR for farmwork, commuting, weekend offroading, and one annual long run to visit a friend (a 1600k round trip over dirt and bitumen). The KLR was fitted out with big racks (by me), and was all but indestructable (until I killed it), but best of all it had this big comfortable seat.

    It was a bit of a shock to test ride the KLXs and the DRs that looked like possible options; it was like sitting on a skinny bit of wood. After only a 5k test ride, my backside was protesting. Plus I would have had to shell out to get the racks I needed. And those bikes only have electric start. And digital instruments, which I was sure I would break the first time I went on the dirt.

    Because it's an ag bike, the CTX has good racks as standard and a nice big seat, plus kick and electric start, analogue dials, and this particular one has low kms and was the right price, so it had everything I wanted, except speed. 1600k is a long way to go at between 85 and 95k/h, even on a big seat.

    The DR was starting to look better and better, even with the extra cost for racks, maybe a new seat, and maybe a kick starter, but then I read Adam Jeske's story about changing the sprockets on a CTX in South Africa (and I've just found out I'm not allowed to post a link so if you want to read about it go to web bike world and search CTX). He went from 12 to 14 teeth on the front, and from 47 to 45 on the back and got up to 110k/h. So I bought the bike. Then I found out that in Australia I can buy a new front sprocket (13, 14 or 15 teeth) no problem, but the only alternative back sprocket I can get is bigger than the standard 47 teeth (50 or 55).

    Anyway, I contacted Adam to ask if he used a genuine Honda part or an after market part: he thinks it might have been after market, but can't really remember. Fair enough, it was six years ago. So now I'm looking for any clues at all as to how I can come up with a 45 tooth back sprocket for this bike. The various parts people I've contacted reckon no other sprocket can be adapted to the bike, because the mounting is unique. Or they haven't replied.

    I guess if I can only change the front (to 15), it'll still be better, but I'm kind of mystified as to how Adam did the back sprocket thing in the first place. I've tried posting on the South African Wild Dogs Adventure Riding Forum, and I've emailed a bloke called Trailrider, who's supposed to be a CTX guru, but no joy yet.

    Anyone got any other ideas?
  2. Try emailing JT Sprockets, they make a lot of aftermarket sprockets in various sizes, chance are if it's a/m, it'll be a JT Sprocket.

    (Or, another crazy idea, see if there's any part #'s on the sprocket & google them :))
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  3. Thanks MV. Have emailed JT and as soon as it stops raining, I'll go out and have a look at the sprocket... (y)
  4. I won't bore you with the saga of finding out the correct PCD for this sucker, but turns out my best bet is to have one made by a mob in Brisbane. JT Sprockets have what I want in theory, but they didn't really want to send me just one. So I have placed an order with The Chain Gang for a 44 tooth rear sprocket and they reckon I'll have it next week. Hurrah! In case anyone's interested, they make just about any sprocket to order for the one price of $139, and they are pretty happy with the quality of their steel.
  5. Yes, I've heard good things about Chain Gang. The price has always put me off though.

    (FYI, you can order the JT stuff from pretty much any bike shop, half the price of the Chain Gang too)