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Question about Hanging Rock, Victoria

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Firestorm, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. G'day guys and gals,

    Just a quick question to all about the roads leading to Hanging Rock. I have heard stories of dirt, mud etc. But no-one I know down here has been there in the last few years and I haven't been there at all....yet.

    Has anyone been up there recently or maybe lives near there? I wish to know whether the road is sealed all the way to the carpark at the base and if anyone can recommend any other attractions worth seeing near by. I'm looking to head up there with a couple of friends on either Sunday (11th) or Monday (12th) but I like to know what to expect before committing to a trip. If anyone wishes to join me, pls pm me or maybe someone would want to make it an official run :wink:

    Any information on the area, roads and surrounds would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Firestorm. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. i haven't actually been up to hanging rock, but I've ridden around the area, up to the monument at mount macedon and into woodend a couple of months ago, roads seemed pretty reasonable, very cold up there tho...
    hope this tiny little bit of info helps!
    good luck and enjoy your ride :grin:
  3. There may be some backroads that are unsealed - but from the Highway to the carpark entrance it's all tarmac (carpark itself is unsealed).
  4. So ya want a local hey??

    JD has it about right but if its been wet/raining (quite often lately) there can get a LOT of muck and dirt on the roads.


  5. The road up Mt Alexander is always worth a go if you're in the area.

    A mate of mine & I had to drop something off in Bendigo about 2 years ago and we used an SS Commodore to do it. Just as we got to the turn off I suggested to my mate he turn off and detour that way and he still smiles to this day when I remind him of it :grin:

    If you look at a Vicroads directory on Map Ref 59F1 you will see Shepherds Flat Lookout which is in reality Mt Alexander, you get to it by turning off the highway (or is it now freeway) onto the Faraday - Sutton Grange Rd and turn left a few clicks up the road (it's sign posted).

    Watch out for skippy and his mates as it is a state park and the down side is it's about 45km past Woodend to get to it.
  6. Now before anyone has a go at me this is true.

    When I was about 19 or so I was rock climbing around Hanging Rock and one of the guys drove up to a small road. We parked the car at put it in netrual in the proceeded to roll down the hill, no big deal you might say well it appeared that were rolling up the hill! :shock:

    Any locals know the name of this road?
  7. It's known to some as "Magnetic Hill", as an old story was that some mysterious magnetic attraction in the hill was pulling cars up the slope :p

    edit: to find it. coming down the north side of Mt Macedon, after the very tight hairpin, take the first proper (sealed) road to the right. It's just down there. Pull up in front of the farmhouse gate, and see which way the vehicle rolls.
  9. The highway is sealed and the road over Mt Mac to the Rock is sealed. But once you turn off the main road, gravel...... The car park is also gravel. And there is nowhere to park onsite that is sealed.
  10. Straws Lane :)
  11. be careful some ditzy chick disappeared there once, and they made a movie about it, filmed entirely in slow motion :p
  12. He he yeah i saw it once...... too bad all the watches stopped.
  14. its tar , all the way .
    this is a dirt / mud road coming down of the hill near macedon but thats only if you want to take otherwise go around like the cars do by sticking to the main roads.
  15. Hey Hey!

    there's a magnetic hill in sydney.

    my grandmother went to the bording school known as 'Clyde' and she went on the infamous pick nic at hanging rock. she was in the year above or below the year that had the movie made.

    she says that it was exagerated, the only thing that happened was the suicide of one of the students and the head mistress really was a biatch.

    now its time to christen my new signature!
  16. Hey guys,

    Thank you for the info, it's very reassuring to hear that it's sealed. Magnetic roads as well huh....That'll have to wait til I take the cage up as I don't think it'll work as well on the bike :p

    Thanks again and now I just hope the weather is friendly for the weekend :wink:

    Take care and safe riding,

    Firestorm :grin: :grin: :grin:
  17. Its called straws lane. If you take the Woodend - Romsey Rd from Woodend it will be on your right.
    You need to go up over the hill then do a U-turn and drive back up. About half way up (just past the alpacca farm), it will appear that you are rolling up hill.

    Know the area VERY well.
    Over the mount isn't a bad ride. A few good twisties on the north side of Mt Macedon.
    Woodend to Dalesford is also a pretty good run.
    Need anything else... Just PM me :D