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Question about dealers

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Billy Bright, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I have ben searching dealers for a bike. I have been trying for a VT 400 but forget it they are rare and expensive 2nd hand.

    So I saw some XVS650's, not my first choice but I would buy one at the right price. So my question then becomes about buying from a dealer.

    I saw one xvs650 which on the net looked OK and is a 2005 model with about 70k for about $7000.

    70k's seems a lot, but at least I get 3 months warrranty so if something goes wrong I am covered. I know zip about mechanical things so thats why the dealer is a better option.

    Are they obliged to tell me if the bike has been in an accident and has some defect or is that down to me ?

    Is 70k a lot of miles, even though many here say these bikes are bulletproof ?

    $7k is a lot of money for me & I just do want to end up with somebody's problems that cost a mint to repair.

  2. I see a private sale one for $7k with less than 30,000k's.

    70,000 is not insane but it is a lot. Service history is important.

    A dealer must tell you if the vehicle has ever been written off and there are some statutory warranties they must give. A revs check will tell you that in a private sale, and there are mechanical inspection services that you can use.
  3. 70k for $7000? Forget about it. There's heaps of bikes out there, look for something that isn't already getting rather long in the tooth.

    Think about how long you'll have it for. At best, at 70k it's only got another 30k left in it, unless you really want to start shelling out for parts / services.
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    Well my dealer gets me weed and pingers but I'd like to get....oh bike dealers. Sorry, carry on
  5. =D>=D>=D>=D>
  6. Thanks.

    The info you gave was really useful. Being a mechanical dunce I dont know if 70k is a lot for a bike, comparing to cars that is.

    So yeah, I'll brush the bike with those kind of miles. Re buying privately, I have to put my hand up hear because I always wonder if the thing is good why are they selling....comes from having been burnt a couple of times buying 4 wheels.