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Question about damage to a VTR1000

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Pommie, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    Im currently looking at a 2002 VTR1000 Firestorm. Its Matte Black, staintune high mount exhausts, 25000k's and generally in pretty good condition.

    Only problem is it has a ding on the top of the tank near the rear (owner says he bought it like that). Also, upon inspection, I noticed the right hand exhaust can was angled more upward than the left one.

    When I asked the owner he said the previous owner had dropped it at a standstill. Bent the right can slightly upward. The owner was a really good guy, pleasant to deal with, didn't withhold any info. I took it for a test ride and it seemed to run very well. All the gears were fine, no funny noises etc.

    Its pretty cheap, for the above listed reasons, but I need to know what sort of repair bill would I be running to fix it up? With the exhaust, would it be a simple case of a mechanic bending it back into shape?

    Also, with the fuel tank, would it be possible to "suction" pop it back out, or would I be more looking at a new fuel tank? Im spewing I forgot to grab some pictures!

    Any help would be much appreciated guys! Im quite keen, just need a bit more info so I can maybe bargain a bit more before taking the plunge.

  2. Fuel tank repairs are the most frought with danger. Corrosion occurs more than likely with these sorts of repairs.
    If buying it, factor in a second hand tank to replace it.
    If the cans are bent this could mean a fairly resonable drop.

    Given that these bikes are a dime a dozen, I would check out a few more of them for sale before making a decision.
  3. Thanks for the reply Transformer.

    The only other indications of a drop are scuffing under the bike on the right side (not visible unless you kneel down and look under the bike). The can's didn't appear to have any markings on them. The actual paintwork was in a fairly good state. As a whole the bike seemed well looked after. It has a fully documented service history.

    All the other VTR's in the area are at least $1000 - $2000 more dear and generally older year model's.

    Hence my dilemma! Very tempted, I've been looking for a new bike for around 6 months now.
  4. Does it really bug u that much?
    Why bother repairing a depreciating asset
    U cant suction pop a fuel tank.
    U should be able to bend the can back to where it was.
  5. It doesn't bug me too much... Just on the back of my mind. Im more worried about other "hidden" damage that might be there. Also, in terms of insurance, if I was to get comprehensive.

    Simply looking for others opinions on the matter, anyone had similar damage to their bike and had it fixed? Im more worried about the fuel tank to be honest.
  6. How do YOU think it got a ding in the rear of the tank? Can you imagine the impact speed it took for someone's delicate bits to dent a metal tank?

    You haven't mentioned price, but my advice is to run like mad in the opposite direction, or go here to see some less molested examples, http://snipurl.com/4h5qa [www_bikesales_com_au]
  7. Sorry, should have been more specific, the ding is a small round shaped one, not too deep, located topside, near the rear. Looks like something dropped onto it? Its not too noticable.

    The bike has full servicing history, he wants $5700 for it.
  8. A small dent in a fuel tank should be filled not pulled.

    VHT Matt Black engine paint is a dead ringer for the stock colour.

    Check to make sure the rear subframe hasn't been twisted or bent. Line up the fuel cap, tail-light and rear tyre by eye.

    If it all looks good reef the pipe back into position.
    You made need two or more reefers to do this.
  9. :shock:, they're legal in Geelong??? :rofl:
  10. it doesn't sound like a big deal, I wouldn't stress about a couple dinosaur bumps and scratches if you can get a bargain basement price. Pity it's a vtr, I'm not a big fan of those but plenty of people seem to like them. I reckon ride an sv thou before you decide the vtr has a decent engine.
  11. Hidden damage?

    Sounds like a minor drop.

    It's very hard to break those bikes.

    I highsided mine in Tassie, popped the indicator back in and continued the riding holiday. 2000 on a crashed bike and all was good.

    Traded it in for $6500 too. I only paid $7300 :grin:

    It wont stay new forever, at that price it's a bargain.

    I'm with Loz though, they aren't the best bike out there. They are nice just not SP-ecial ;)
  12. Awesome, thanks for the advice guys.

    MSRracing, I'll take another look and check its all aligned. In regards to the fuel tank, I was under the impression that the dent is too large to be filled. A circular ding with a circumference of about 3 inches off the top of my head. Jeez im pissed off I didn't take any pictures, rookie error.

    I think I'd be more looking at getting a new fuel tank for it. Unless it can be fixed somehow.
  13. Whys that?Im interested to hear the answer......we have invested $2200 in a hirane dent puller to remove dents...i hope that wasnt a mistake ;)...furthermore that colour is actually a metallic flat black which we overcoat with a 2k flat clear....failure to do this will result in and basecoat coming off or marking with the slightest of pressure
  14. fuel tank is $1054.87 which is called gun powder metallic and its a 2003 model part number 17520-MBB-D50ZA...that colour was not available in 2002 so the build date may be late 2002 whichg makes it a 2003 model...the only other flat black was mute black metallic and that was in 1999 ....i guess the price of those tanks is why ive seen shitloads of VTR tanks in all colours come through work..... hope that helps
  15. Thanks for that info ylwgtr. I thought you you might be able to "pull" a dent out. Only question is whether the actual tank internals were damaged, but that doesn't look too likely.

    Might have to call around some wreckers to see if they have any... Or look on good old fleabay.