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question about cornering/turning and setting up speed.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by livingstonest, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. hey all just got my Learners the other day and been commuting to and from work.....slowly....

    i just want to know how people take corners.
    instructor says that i should slow down before a turn, get the right speed and then turn.
    which means no braking at all during the turn. is this what people do or is it just something that's taught to newbies?

    cause i do know that you can have an off if you brake too hard.

    also i find this very different from how i drive or ride my bike where my natural reaction is to brake when i'm in the turn.
  2. That's correct, you shouldn't be using your brakes while in the corner. In matter of fact you should be using your throttle. Rear brakes can cause you to slide your rear wheel out, and front brakes can cause you to high side.

    It's good practise as a learner go through the corners slowly without using the brakes. Speed comes with practise and experience. :)

    That said, I still do lightly tap on my rear brakes while in the turn :roll: :oops:
  3. It's defintely good advice to not brake while you're in a turn. I remember doing it when I was on my Ls and it wasn't a good feeling. Get your speed and your gears right before you go into the turn and you'll save yourself grief.

    Like you, I used to brake while in the turn when driving. Even then it wasn't the best technique and have since stopped doing it so that it's now normal to set-up (car or bike).
  4. If your runnign wide in a corner, theres no point thinking you cant hit the brakes and run off the road. Just lightly use the rear brakes, to wash of some speed and to get you back on line, Im pretty sure racers trail the rear brake when going to fast. But you shouldnt use the front brakes as this will make the bike want to stand up straight or you will overload the front tire, and lowside. But if your braking through every corner, and not really goign hard, you probly just need a bit mroe time on the biek to judge gaps.
  5. Excellent advice peoples, well said.

    Yes, all your braking and setting up for the corner should be done before you start laying the bike over. Throttle control takes you through the corner and, about mid-corner, you should be beginning to accelerate.

    What's been posted here sounds complicated, but, with practice, it becomes second nature.
  6. Advice is excellent and well presented by the crew.

    But, lesson one is to just take your time. Dont hurry or be hurried. Prepare for the corner at a speed that feel right for you. Be aware that remaining calm is the key to cornering smoothly. be VERY smooth with the throttle as shutting off the throttle in high revs is just like hitting the back breakes. This is called engine breaking.

    As you are a learner, go into the corner a little slower than you would like until you get the concept of cornering down pat.

    As time goes on and your exprience becomes greater, you will find gentle pressures on both the front and rear breakes helps you through the corner as it eleviates rotational energy and tranfers it to the ground. It also allows you to manipulate the suspension position for greater contact patch pressure.

    Anyways, good luck
  7. Actually it's not, it's called engine BRAKING

    Engine BREAKING is what some netriders do when they rev their bikes to 16000RPM when the redline is 14000RPM

    Sorry, Skuffy, that was just too good a one to miss!!

    :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  8. thanks all for the great advice....... i was told to set up speed before a turn but i just had to confirm it with all the netriders.

    i just find it really hard to fight my natural reaction to grab for the front break during a turn which i have caught myself almost doing many times.

    cool hopefully a few more weeks of back street riding and i'll be confident enough to hit the main roads!!
  9. You've been given good advice here but please take it in regards to driving as well. In a car you should also set the speed before the corner. Braking in a corner is also dangerous on 4 wheels because your tyres are busy trying to turn. Don't ask them to stop as well or you may well slide out of the corner. In fact you should be slightly accelerating if anything.
  10. Mister Rossi.....

    ...... can brake right up to the apex of a corner at 200 kph, but he's Mr Rossi!! Do your braking while you're upright, and then your cornering while you are laying over .......
  11. If I found myself in the corner a little faster than I would like and am going wide, i find the rear brake is good to tuck the bike in around the corner as well as slow it down to less scary speeds.

    But the more i learn, the better i'm getting at judging cornering speeds. It helps if you've done the road a few times so you know where the corner is heading and how fast you can take it.
  12. In addition to everyone else . If you find you have run wide etc , dont be affraid to lean the sucker right over , you will be surprised how far they can go .
  13. I had a couple of those up Mt Hotham a couple of years ago. Decreasing radius corners and no advisory speed signs. Went in a bit hot and found it tightening up, just a quick dab on the fronts and haaaaaaaul it over and it stuck every time. Than God for good tyres and a forgiving chassis!
  14. hey i applied all u netrider's advice just then and found it much better!!! appreciate it you all!

    when i approach a corner i now adjust my speed and then lean into it and accelerate out......feels much more natural instead of coming in slightly hot each time which i was doing before.

    secondly thanks for your comments on coming in hot and running wide cause i feel that i need to know wat to do in case that happens........so now i know that i can lightly tap the breaks and lean over hard.......

    sounds basic to you all but trust me for me that's important stuff to know since i can have this in the back of my mind and plan each turn. ie how to approach and wat to do if running in hot. cheers!
  15. Glad to help, mate.
    Remember, we were all in your shoes once!
    Go out and enjoy.
  16. The ideal is to do all you're braking before you start the corner.
    Every now and then you could arrive with too much speed. I did it once over Lukey Heights into MG corner. I had two choices: run off the track or countersteer for all it was worth. I chose the latter. Phew. What a learning experience...
  17. Livingstonest,

    I have a video called "ride on" which i got for nothing when I went to a Honda open day. I already have a DVD copy so if you would like this video I'll send it to you (or I'll send it to anyone else if you don't want it).

    let me know.
  18. haha i love that one, i can picture it........scary stuff though! glad it panned out.....

    sounds very interesting all this countersteering business, i'd love to throw the bars for a good lean but at the moment i'm having a blast just taking the corners slow and slightly faster each time, love feeling the bike lean over in bends and turns.....great stuff!

    and tack i'd love that video if its still free..........gimme ur address and i'll send u a return envelope for the video....cheers!
  19. Newbie comments. disregard

    I can safely say that you need to start slow and just slowly work up. It takes time to learn how a bike holds the road. Im learning so much every day. Every now and then i do different things in corners just to see what will happen. a little bit of throttle i find helps me keep the bike stable round a corner. rear brakes drop your speed but i find the put the bike off balance when used mid corner.I mainly engine break prior to a corner by down shifting a few (keeping the bike in its most responsive range). then holding speed till i can see the rest of the corner then its power it on. im finding wieght distribution is a very complex way to change the handling of a bike mid corner and im experimenting with it at the moment.

    Unless you want a bike like mine and a week in hospital.[/u]
  20. I'm still waiting for my bike, but I can say that you shouldn't use your brake during a corner in a car.

    It's much less forgiving in a car, you can still do it and not notice too much. You WILL notice it however if you're going fast in the wet! You can easily lock up the wheels and when that happens in a fast corner in the wet, it's bye bye!

    So yeah, always set your speed and gear before a turn and accelerate through the later stage and out of the turn. You'll have much less chance of losing control.

    I guess what they say about riding a motorcycle making you a better driver is true, in more ways than one!