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Question about child birth

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Paulie, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. Hi all, just a quick question. Wondered if anyone had any ideas... see me and the mrs had an 'accident' resulting in a pregnancy. Kid is due in january, the mrs went to her hcf (medical insurance) last week at 4:45pm and the supposed 'manager' said that she'll upgrade her cover to include the bub and that cause she is gonna have a cesarean birth that because of the new cover we won't have to pay a cent! So anyways, the mrs rings up today (dunno why) and it turns out that the lady never faxed through the form that was gonna upgrade the coverage and the lady on the phone said that the woman cant waiver the waiting period and all that stuff so we,re gonna probably have to pay the full cost cause we didnt have the coverage that wiould cover a baby! I tried to find out on the internet how much a cesarian is and the only real info I found said it will cost between $10,000-12,000!!!!!!!!! BLOODY HELL!!! So just wondered if anyone here has had a cesarian/partner had cesarean or maybe if anyone here worked for HCF and could upgrade our coverage for cash hehehehehehe. Just wanna find out how much cash I'm up for! (looks like no new bike for me when I get off my restrictions :cry:

  2. ever thought of going to a public hospital, if the cesar is non elective you shouldnt have to pay a cent.
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    Wrong. Wrong. Wrong
    Oh, and, by the way, WRONG

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    Sorry Paulie - not pertinent to you question, but it needed a response. They're not the end - just another stage. I know enforcer (no hard feelings, mate) was kidding, but it can be a sore spot. If you reckon getting one is inconvenient, try losing one (or not being able to have one). :wink:

    I had the same question as Wizzard - doesn't the public system meet the costs? (Mine were both caesarians, but we had cover)
  4. I was going to take that comment up too, Mark, but I think it was meant to be a joke, so I wasn't inclined to preach! I love both my kids, and can imagine what life would have been like without them, but know also how much joy I would have missed.

    For the medical advice, my friend, you need specific information, and quickly, so I would be going to my GP first thing tomorrow morning and checking what your options are. I would also be clarifying for definite what the situation is with the health fund; often the answers differ depending on the person who gives them, if you know what I mean!
  5. Nah the girlfriend has booked in to have a cesarean cause she doesnt wanna do the natural thing.. she reckons itll hurt too much! And cause cesarean is elective surgery the government/public hospitals wont do it unless its a neccessity. So unless we can get the biatch at hcf to keep her word and send the stupid form in looks like little ole me is gonna have a big bill to pay! hahaha

    I just wanted a ball park figure for a cesarean...
  6. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Sorry Paulie but that's too funny. I have had 2 kids, my 1st was by emergency c-section, my 2nd was natural all the way. If I was to ever go thru it again, there is no way I would go the C-section.
    With a c-section, the recovery time can be lengthy and it also puts undue stress on the baby, you are taking a big risk by CHOSING to have a C-section. Natural, well as soon as my daughter was born, I had already forgotten about the pain.
    Natural is the ONLY way to go IMHO, unless of course you don't have the option :)
  7. Hey paulie, childbirth IS painful, but no-one dies from it these days in developed countries like our's!
    Be a decent partner and go into the delivery room with her, hold her hand and tell her how much you love her and have the child with her, naturally. It's cheaper, and a very enriching experience.
  8. From what little I do know about this topic (my other half knows more - we have 1.5 kids):
    There seems to be a trend in elective c-sections, but it limits the number of children you can have (scar tissue) and usually takes longer to recover from. Also reports from mothers after having a c-section stated some mothers felt guilty for not having a more natural birth. Google should provide more information. Again this is just what I remember please dont take it as being 100% accurate.

    What I do know is that children do take up heaps of money and time. But certainly after a little while you should get enough time for a ride now and then. My little girl is 18 months, my little boy is due in a month... me thinks I might be struggling for time :)
  9. I am only kidding...I have three younger brothers :D
  10. Someone baby-sit for this poor feller for an hour or two so he can go out for a ride, please~!! :LOL:
  11. I really don't mind if she has it natuiral or cesarean, its her choice, I'll be there which ever way she goes, of course due to the cost I'd rather she go natural but she seems to have her heart set on the cesarean....though everyone she talks to tries to change her mind and to have it natural so maybe she,ll cave when she realises the cost the I am prolly gonna have to pay...might be good for a payrise huh
  12. You need to get Mrs Paulie to go in and DEMAND to see the "manager" who said all would be OK. Preferable for you to go as well.

    DEMAND that she sort this out, to your satisfaction. Hopefully it's a miss-understanding, and it'll be quickly fixed. Make sure that she knows you do not expect to pay for her incompetence, as you did everything right.

    Take a look at this Private Health Ombudsman Site , make sure she's aware that you know your rights.

    Last resort, log a complaint with PHIO, and ring a few other Health Insurances, they may waive the waiting period to get your business.

    Or, get Mrs Paulie to have a natural birth... caesarian isn't all beer and skittles... our first was an emergency caesarian, no choice. The epidural anaesthetic is a risk in itself (a big needle in the spine :shock: ), and the headaches afterwards were a biatch.

    The biggest cost of caesarean is the anaethetist, then theatre etc etc etc, I reckon $12,000 would be conservative.

    Welcome to Howards' Health System

  13. (Be nice, JJ, it was originally Whitlam's health System :D)
  14. Its not just the delivery you'll need extra cash for. I could list all the things you'd never expect to add up to so much, but you'd cry :) Best thing to do is ask people for help, and borrow clothes and the like. They grow so quickly they never really wear them out. As much as I hate to admit it, parents usually have a wealth of information on the topic so it doesn't hurt to listen to them (occasionaly).
  15. True... Labors' hero...... he has a lot to answer for. Good intentions for sure but badly implemented.

    Typical Pollie, he got sacked, then the sacking was validated by the voters, but it wasn't his fault, it was the governer generals :roll: The Defence forces went for 5 weeks without pay while supply was blocked, they gave out food vouchers.......

    I've never been worse off in private health than now, pay more, less benefits. If it keeps going this way, we'll be like Johny's ideal society, the US model, you'll need to bargain for health cover as part of your employment.

    I can't afford private health, but I can't afford not to have it either in my situation, and lucky me, I get to give myself a 30% rebate from my taxes.

    I don't hate many things in life... but politicians are certainly one thing I do hate.

  16. The woman at HSC WAS actually the manager!! This is gonna be a s*(t fight I reckon. I have to work tomorrow so shes taking her frustrated sister who yells at everyone so hopefully all will be well or esle yeah it will be a call to the head office and stuff. Its all a scam i reckon cause apparently the only way for the kid to be on your health insurance is IF you put the kid on a year before the kid is BORN! So basically yuou have to tell them about the kid before you even 'make' the kid! How stupid is that!

    The clothing and toy issue is not a problem port80... we scored a whole carful of EVERYthing from her cousin including basinettes and change tables etc. I'm just pissed about this woman at the hcf branch
  17. Have got to say if I was a woman I'd have a C too.

    After my first daughter was born Kels fanny looked the size and shape of a wizards sleeve !!!!!
  18. Oh did any one mentioned that if you go private and there IS a problem like... extra iv line has to be used or a specialist needs to be called in it can cost BIG

    My mate and his wife were due at the same time as my wife... they went private (as they had Full Full cover worht $3000 a year)... we chose public and had an emergancy... the bub was born 5 weeks early (naturaly)... they had simmilar emergancy but coz of their private cover ended up paying $5000 out of the pocket, and their bub still ended up in thesame hospital as our kid...

  19. OOO I hope for your sake she doesn't read these forums :shock:
  20. Sorry Paulie, but you'll be paying $$ if you go cesarean. The person from HCF who told you last week that you would be able to waiver the waiting period was plain wrong. All medical funds have a 12 month waiting period for obstetrics. There is no way HCF, or any other medical insurance, woudl allow you to waiver that. No amount of arguing or shit fighting will change that for you.

    Think about it. The person pulling the scam here is you! What you are saying is akin to only haveing 3rd party property insurance on your motorbike an dthen crashing it and wanting to ring them up afterwards and change it to comprehensive retrospectively so it covers your crash. It's the same here, your level of medical insurance doesn't cover cesarean, but after the event (in this case, conception) you want to retrospectively change/increase your level of insurance so that it does cover it. The scam pulling is yours.

    It's unfortunate, but if you go through life without some thought and planning there comes a time when you will get caught-out .. this is one of them.

    If your wife has a medical reason for cesarean, then it will be covered by public medicare and you won't pay a cent. If the cesarean is by choice/elective for whatever your reasons, and you didn't prepare yourself in advance through medical insurance for that desire, then you have to pay for that choice.... sounds quite reasonable to me.

    Medicare says private (non-medicare) birthing is between $5k and $19k, so around $12k for cesarean (ie. surgery) sounds right.

    Now, don't get me started on having full medical insurance cover for obstetrics and finding that obstericians still charge you $2,000+ out of pocket expenses !!! :)