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Question about Chicken Strips.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aerodynamic, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. NO. this isnt a thread about bashing people who have chicken strips on their tyres.

    I have had maybe, 2-3cm chicken strips on my tires for a while now, and they are starting to lose their width quite rapidly as i am getting more comfortable with the bike and the turns i ride every day.

    Im just wondering, the back tires, the strips are almost completely gone, but on my front tire the strips are still alot more noticeable.

    Is this a bad thing? or is it just the way i ride? or is this a usual case for bike riders?
  2. Nope, it's a good thing and caused by a combination of the geometry of the bike and the profile of the tyres.

    Generally speaking, you want to run out of tread on the rear tyre before the front. That way, when you overdo the lean angle, you get some warning rather than being instantly dumped on your ear when the front goes out from under you.
  3. If you can get rid of them off the front you are either a genuine crazy hero, or a crasher.
  4. It largely depends on the tyre profile, but it can also be an indication of the riding style.

    You will use more of the front tyre edge if you trail brake heavily into corners to the apex. I notice this especially when I get onto certain roads where I'm constantly braking downhill deep into corners, and the front will start to get used more. If you're just riding around using the normal "slow in, fast out" method you'll definitely use more of the rear than the front.
  5. You're no fun at all.
  6. yeah no one like a poser... :LOL:

    There is a member on this site who's bike's only remaining chicken strips are on his foot pegs...

    Fear not, my bike also has larger chicken strips on the front then rear... They didn't even get smaller when I low-sided... how ripped off is that... haha
  7. And who would that be? I'd love to know who teh acknowledged maddest, baddest nutter on the NR forums is ;)
  8. I've scraped centerstands if that counts haha.
  9. There are several on here who have sucessfully ground off there hero knobs :cool: :LOL: Thats to far over for me though :shock:
  10. i prefer to take them out, saves the hassle of grinding them down :p
    when you're still scraping pegs without them, thats when you know you've got some good grip. i miss my tyres :cry: :LOL:
  11. I've ground pegs before....

    on a ZZR250...

    and i nearly highsided!

  12. what Titus said....
  13. I snapped my rear break lever leaning the bike over into a couple of corners a few weeks back - does that count? :) Tongue in cheek statement, I know, my body should be leaned over more, not so much the bike.
  14. the feelers you are referring to, this person does not have on there bike... and the pegs are damn high!! :shock:
  15. someone has to do it

  16. Whats the matter Colonel Sanders.... Chicken???


    Man i love spaceballs, every chicken strip thread reminds of that great movie! :LOL:
  17. use the schwartz....
  18. chicken strips "sniff" "sniff"
  19. tell you what mate. With teh 130 front tire. I bet its near impossible to run all the strips off the front before you run off the rim on the 180 rear. I have no strips on my hornet. And the chicken strip off my front is about 3mm

    its got alot to do with tire profile between the front and rear as Flux has said.
  20. I've bought used Road tyres from a Racer before: "just a coupla laps on the track", he assured me. Result: worn chicken strips at Fr & Rr, centers almost completely unused!

    When parked, my bike (then, TZR250SP 3XV) was getting undeserved admiration from bikers when they saw the tyres! :p