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question about buying a fairing from overseas 2002 zx9r

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Camoridz, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. hello all,

    sick of the road rash on my 02 zx9r fairing so time for a complete new set. found a site that posts them from china, even with the conversion from US$ its the cheapest i have seen.


    (i know this address is zx12 fairings but the zx9 tab is on that page) 2 questions.

    1. Anyone had experience buying this kinda stuff from overseas/china? is it safe?

    2. Is the 00-01 fairing going to suit a 2002 model?

    Many thanks
  2. Including postage, you're up for in excess of AU$600.

    Those O/S fairing kits are known to be quite an inexct science. Put aside a day to drill all the right holes and hope it'll all fit properly. Of course, there's 2 other options:

    1) www.findapart.com.au
    2) ditch the skirt and build a STREETFIGHTER :grin:
  3. Most of the fairinga available today should be injection moulded.
    This makes them a huge improvement, fitting wise over the early ones which had fitting lugs glued on by hand and were made by a different process. As you can imagine a lot of the holes and mounting points did not line up.
    I would check to make sure the fairings you are looking at are injection moulded. Most of the write ups on these I have seen have had very few fitting problems.
  4. The '01 shares some common fairing parts with the '02 - whether they share the same mounting holes I can't say. I definitely know that the duck tails are different though.

    Nice choice of bike by the way :)
  5. many thanks guys as this info helps alot.