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Question about Budget Bikes?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by biceps, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I put down a downpayment for a CBR250R at Budget Bikes in Yagoona.

    Looking back, i think it would have been a good idea to shop around and a little bit of research. It was an impulse buy; i was driving down the hume hwy, and just dropped into the shop to see what they had.

    Having said that, I've just searched around the internet, and aparently Budget Bikes is not the place to go. I found them to be pretty helpful; is there any reason why people are disappointed with them?

    PS. i got a CBR250R for $5000; bikes done 23000. is that a reasonable price?

    I also got a helmet (agv brand), jacket (dri-mesh, dryrider), gloves and a disc lock (with alarm) for 570. is that the going rate? aparently it retails for above 700

  2. Make sure you are sitting down when you ring up for insurance
  3. you paid approx. $1,500 more than you would have private sale, or you could have got a cbr250rr for under 5k private, but you'll have fun with it and next time you can shop more wisely, lesson learnt ehh.

    at least you got a reasonable deal on your gear (from the sounds of it.)

    have fun with the new toy, post up some pics. :)
  4. yeh deal for gear is a good price, if you bought your bike privately, like slyfox said, you could have saved between 1-1.5k
  5. cheers for the replies!
    it kinda sux to hear i got 'ripped' by such a big amount. i loved the look and feel (i only hopped onto the seat) of the RR, but i couldnt afford it because it was up in the 7000+ mark. But like you said, lesson learnt for next time.

    I did manage to sneak in a free minor service just before signing the commitment, so i guess that softens the blow

    I cant wait to pay it off and bring it home. I've got to get my L's first.
  6. Why do you say that? what's the going rate for insurance (for a 21 year old).

    And back to the original question, budgetbikes isnt dodgy or anything are they?
  7. hope you hace enough $$$ for the insurance, if you can Not afford fully comp, please, please at least get extended third party
  8. you bought from a dealer. if one compares the value against a private sale than one would suggest you got ripped-off... impulse buys are never a good thing, especially with that kinda coin! lesson learnt, i guess...

    i've bought gear from them. yeah, they are friendly; like all sales people are when they want your money.
  9. Biceps,

    Looking forward to seeing you in the next ride on your CBR250R.
    Meanwhile enjoy your bike.
  10. Also,

    My son bought his Collins jacket and Shoei XR1000 helmet (not the bike though) from this mob. My son is happy with the service and price.
  11. Dont know why people are saying you got ripped off, $5000 is a good price for a CBR250 from a dealer.
    They are not $1500 cheaper private, thats $3500, for a CBR250 it would have to be a crappy one.

    CBR250's are overpriced, but $5k is about right and good from dealer so dont worry.
    The km's are low, but mean nothing on most 250's because many get changed anyway.
  12. The fellas are good, and very helpful. End of the day i was pleased with their service and attitude. I'd buy gear from them... As for buying a bike -- the rule "Don't buy from dealers" applies for me.
  13. You are in at least 4 high risk/price categories by my count (sports bike, grey import, <25 and Male)

    Could potentially be over $2000 or even pushing over 50% of the value of your bike for 12 months comprehensive cover if you are lucky.

    but $5000 for a CBR250R seems like a pretty good price from a dealer assuming the bike is in good condition. Never heard of the people you are dealing with so no idea there.

    Have a read of this if you haven't already.
  14. Yah the main reason I don't like CBR250R's and RR's for learners isn't the bikes themselves which are fine.

    It is the huge insurance cost that mini fully faired sports bikes suffer from.

    A Bandit 250 or a VTR250 or similar are much cheaper to insure.
  15. Actually, you haven't mentioned what year was the CBR250R.. my guess is 89 - 90? Private sale goes from $4K to $5K. Personally, I reckon $5K from the dealer is a fair price... don't feel bad about it.

    Don't forget, you might have to fork out the money for RWC and also pay for the stamp duty if private sale. that's around $200 - $300 extras.
  16. +1 on that.

    Some people make it sound like Every private sale won't ask for a higher amount, and they're all cheap, which is utter BS.

    Maybe it's just what they fail to mention is that they spend MONTHS looking for it.
  17. yeah, even thought it seems like an above average price, i did get a good deal on the gear (by the sounds of it), and i am getting a bike that has been through the workshop. I did manage to milk in a minor service - but i have no idea what that entails.

    the bike was the topic of conversation today at work; and i didnt realise the people that go riding on the weekend. one tip i got was to do it at my own pace, and practice alot before i start going on rides with people.

    but yeah - i still need to pay it off and bring it home which is a real bugger.

    but again, cheers for the replies - it makes me feel a tad better ;)
  18. Its not above average price, its bellow average for dealer and could be considered almost average for private.
    I know of one that was sold private for $6500 :shock:, it wasnt even a very good example.

    Sure you can pick up the ocasional bargain, but I would say average combining private and dealer is well over $5k. Too many people simply must have one and are willing to pay large sums of money.

    In NSW anyway, I have no idea what bikes sell for in other states.

    CBR sell for too much, but thats the market. They will sell for the same or more than what you pay for them. They dont devalue with age, many are older then their owners these days (whether they know it or belive its a 2002 model).
    There is no doubt they are an excelent little bike :)