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question about brake fluid and seals

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by black666, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. hi guys - can anyone tell me if all rubbers are safe to use around brake fluid - or is it only special ones? the rubber seal on my brake fluid resivour cap is leaking and while i try and find a genuine one i want to use something to seal it up - any ideas? i was thinking of a liquid gasket (rubber) of some sort. thanks

  2. Nope.
    Go to a bike wreaker or dealer & get the correct seal.
    Any type of liquid sealent will mix with the brake fluid & give you spoungy brakes.

    Sure , bike parts are a rip off, but go cheap on bodywork & spend the $ for the correct parts when it comes to your brakes.

    PS: Rubber is used for seals & hoses in all brake systems, but not all rubbers are the same. Some rubbers will perish in contact with corrosive fluids like brake fliud.
  3. ok cheers - i thought that might be the case. prob gonan be a complete head F*&^ to find one seeing as its an 89 fzr..
  4. Not necessarily, whatever make your brake component is (PBR, Denso etc) try going straight to the source manufacturer and getting a part number. It's then a matter of ringing local spare parts with that number and finding who's got it or can get it in. This way you are able to ask the manufac if they actually have any stock/are still producing OR they may tell you they have passed on the patent to open market which means people like Brembo may make their own version of the same seal. It's how we used to keep 30yr old cars going on the road with safe brakes, and removes any doubts about a seal that "look's OK" from the local wrecker.