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Question about alarms with GPS tracking

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Tiga, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. I'm getting a new bike on the weekend to replace my stolen baby - YAY!!

    I suspect this will help the mourning process significantly :wink:

    So in the spirit of trying to hold onto my new bike for more than 3 months, can anyone recommend an alarm with with GPS tracking? That way even if it does go I might be able to get it back.

    There seem to be a few products on the market but I have no idea what's good and what's not.

  2. No idea, but glad to hear the cheque's come through, and looking forward to seeing what you next bowl up to coffee on!
  3. Tiga, visit http://www.rojone.com.au/ and look at the Bike Bandit. Comes with a whole heap of options like tilt sensors, and various other trickery, including the option to immobilise. Is worth it.

    Good luck with the purchase.

  4. Yay, TIGA's getting back on deluxe two wheels. :dance:

    I thought only whizbang companies with tracker software etc offered gps tracking alarms?? I've heard that the alarms have remote/triggerable auto engine shutdown and audible warnings... don't know who they'd be though?
  5. woooohooo, congrats on the new bike..... did you end up getting the garage door too? ;)
  6. There is also one that will sms you if your bike is touched - was featured in two wheels in july. $595 it also says that a locate service will also be available in australia as an additional feature in the near future. www.powerbronze.com.au
  7. Thanks Mithel, I checked out the link and they look great. That's pretty much what I want.

    Apparently they will be at the motorcycle expo so here's hoping they will be offering some good deals :)
  8. Kathryn there are two kinds of tracking systems available that will track your bike...one kind is GSM based like Bikebandit/Snitcher and uses the mobile networks to keep you informed via your phone if somebody tampers with your bike...they do not offer tracking as yet however...the other which is Bikewatch by Quiktrak uses spread spectrum radio frequency which is more secure/reliable as it is their own network.

    I have used Quiktrak car systems and they are very impressive...24hr monitoring 7 days a week, if the bike/car is moved, started, battery is running flat etc...the unit will send an alert to Quiktraks monitoring centre who will then call you...or a nominated representative...they will say try mobile, if no answer work, if still no answer home, etc...or alternatively you can even have a guard called out...and the police will be advised immediately the thief tampers with the bike/car and if they do make off with your bike it can be tracked down to within metres.

    Here is a link



    If you need more info shoot me a pm...we deal with these guys(Quiktrak) through work so can sort one out for you if thats the way you want to go.


    Keith :)
  9. Tiga will probably find this out for herself at the expo, but for any other thread explorers, i will add the next instalment.
    I was at the expo y/day and spoke with the powerbronze guy. I still like the unit and what it offers, however, they hit a snag with our telecommunications act and it doesn't look like there will be a locate service. For anyone considering these units, they use a sim and cost an ongoing $60 a year for connection. $5 a month on a plan that gives you $5 of SMS. They are tranferable from bike to bike and mobile no. to mobie no.