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question about air conditioning

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 87crisis, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. i'm currently about to start calling some local guys to come out and give me some quotes regarding having a ducted air conditioning system installed...

    I have looked through whirlpool and a few other forums for info but would if possible like some info from people i trust a tad bit more than whirlpool members.

    mainly considering daikan or fujitsu as for such an expensive addition to the house i would rather spend the money to make sure i've got a worth-while unit and looking to try and keep it around the 10k mark but preferably less of course (my house is that of a average size housing commission style house.)

    have any of you had any experience or heard horror stories of either brand?

    are there any other brands i should be considering?

    is there anything i should be on the look-out for?

    on a slightly related note - it being 10-15 years since being done should i look into having my roof insulation replaced beforehand?
  2. Mitsubishi might be another brand worth looking at. I've noticed that most of the old A/C units still running on mine sites are mostly Mitsubishis, with a few National Panasonics thrown in.

    Of course that could just mean other brands weren't as popular or readily available in the past.
  3. So you need air con?
    Wait for it.......

    Are you hot?
  4. i'll pay that

    but no....i have the money to spare of the moment...and in time would like to have atleast 1 kid - bugger letting a kid suffer in the heat like i do (well that's the justification i'll tell the ms's...as i sit there in a singlet with the heater on in winter.)
  5. My friends a tradie, been working for his gf's dads aircon company for a while. They specialise in Brivis, he says that its pretty good shit
  6. we had a Brivis evaporative system put in a few years back. A couple of niggling issues at the start but the fitters fixed them no questions. One of the diverter valves in the zoning stuck but was replaced on warranty. They did insist on the servicing being done by one of their fitters to retain the warranty which cost more than if we'd used our original installer but overall we're very happy.
  7. Loved my Brivis add-on aircon. Never had an issue with it. However Brivis heaters are another story and the aftersales service left a lot to be desired when there was a problem (3 houses in total). Just something to think about it.

    Can you report back what you decide? I'm about to build again and need to make aircon decisions too.
  8. I was told Daikin are the best and their technology is also in Mitsubishis.
  9. jewbag tradesmen stuffing up orders and making me wait ANOTHER day for my backyard awning to be finished....

    for the time being i'm leaning towards fujitsu as i've read that although there are some known issues with the unit's stuffing up over time they are generally easily avoided with regular (3 month interval) filter cleaning and then having a technician come over and service the unit every 2 years roughly

    in saying that the company whom are coming to give me a quote on the 30th also install the brivis and daikan so i'll be having a discussion with them regarding what they believe to be the best and i'll surely be getting back to you guys to let you know what i'm told and what prices i'll be quoted

    the fujitsu also has a promotion with a "free $1800 beefeater bbq" with every inverter system purchased - just gotta figure who i'm gonna give/sell the bbq to as i'm not long from purchasing a bbq kitchen (has sink/tap etc) anyway
  10. DAMMIT....the woman MIGHT have just won...suggesting we simply keep the bbq and build a permanent separate sink/bench next to it (under the bathroom window and the house is raised off the ground on bricks so could easily tap into the bathroom plumbing under the house and leech off it)
  11. Cool thread
  12. I had nightmares with Airwell, but I think they went broke.

    It wasn't just Airwell but the industry. The thing broke down lots in the first 3 seasons of operation and it would take weeks to get someone out to look at it. it'd then take weeks to get the part. Then once the designated agent had the part, you'd have to wait weeks for an opening in their schedule. Add Christmas in there during summer and you basically didn't have air conditioning for the entire summer.

    I had one bloke abuse my missus when i wasn't home, for something that wasn't her fault. I had one women say to me on the phone "Well obviously our office clients have priority".
  13. Had a Carrier split system installed 15 years ago in this house , ,just sold the house and the Aircon did 1/2 the selling.

    In 1902, the first modern electrical air conditioning unit was invented by Willis Haviland Carrier in Buffalo, New York

    Everything else is just a knockoff
  14. so your saying i need to find a 110year old man to create and install my air con....interesting...CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.
  15. Get a bigger freezer then do this......

    No more problem
  16. Stay away from stuff charged with r410a, expensive to regas and work on if required.
  17. Isn't the majority of air conditioners using this as opposed to the r20 now a days?
  18. Ask / research ducts and types , wall thickness etc.
  19. We've had a carrier split system installed for about 5 years. no drama's. no warranty claims, I clean the filters whenever I remember, (infrequently).
  20. you can buy evaporative coolers. You are supposed to put water in them, but you can put ice in them. they are no good for humid areas, but OK for country areas.

    Oh, I should add we got a dual zone setup. It never really worked as I imagined. I found it was better to go around and adjust the vents for summer and winter. that way I could still have some air in some rooms rather than no air.

    I dropped the remote for the dual zone early on and broke it. It cost a fortune to replace, so I just got up in the ceiling and opened all the dampers.

    so if the try and up sell multi-zone my advice is, don't bother.