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Query re: Riide com au Online Portal

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Lazy Libran, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Came across this online portal, riide com au
    I've liked a specific Jacket there and sent 2 queries re: stock but haven't heard back. I can use PayPal to shop from there should something go wrong but just want to find out if anyone here has bought anything from there.

    The site looks pretty neat and they do have quality gear (with nice prices) but unsure as to why they're not responding. Also tried calling their 1300 number but that's going to some computer assistance mob. :p

    Thanks guys.

  2. I tried to order a pair of Alpinestars Oscar Monty boots from them & I messaged them but they look a week just to let me know that they're out of stock. Communication is very slow & I'm surprised you managed to find a number for them as I was looking for that aswell.
  3. Looks a little iffy to me mate:
    Domain Name:                     riide com au
    Last Modified:                   14-Apr-2015 23:34:45 UTC
    Status:                          ok
    Registrar Name:                  Web Address Registration
    Registrant:                      IRIS TRADING PTY LTD
    Registrant ID:                   ACN 123226568
    Eligibility Type:                Company
    Registrant Contact ID:           R-011455751-SN
    Registrant Contact Name:         Nimrod Eshel
    Registrant Contact Email:        Visit whois.ausregistry.com.au for Web based WhoIs
    Tech Contact ID:                 C-003271011-SN
    Tech Contact Name:               Nimrod Eshel
    Tech Contact Email:              Visit whois.ausregistry.com.au for Web based WhoIs
    Name Server:                     ns1.bluehost.com
    Name Server:                     ns2.bluehost.com
    DNSSEC:                          unsigned
    IRIS TRADING PTY LTD ACN#123226568 - Registered - ASIC Company Search and ASIC Extract
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  4. Registrant Contact Name: Nimrod Eshel.

    Nimrod?!? Noice.
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  5. Hehe..

    Thanks BitSar.
  6. No problemo mate.
  7. As they say, if the items are too cheap to be true...
  8. I got a bridge for sale if any Obeid interested?
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  10. Wow..its been online for 2 years plus now.

    Isn't there any way to report it?
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    Directory - BitScan App for iPhone - The World of Bitcoin in the palm of your hand

    Level 3, 3 Marvell Street, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia
    Google Maps

    not level 3, but "unit 3"
    3/3 Marvell, Byron Bay, NSW 2481 - SOLD Retail Property #500114156 - realcommercial.com.au

    is that the dude there in the white shirt? :D
    you could all that shop, ask for Nimrod, and then ask him about Riide :D

    report to who?

    facestalk... his Riide FB is not available, but linked from his twitter (Jul 17 post here )
    Nimrod Eshel | Facebook
    seems like he is on holidays in Indonesia atm :)

    and yes, am bored ;) and maybe he's a semi-legit drop-shipper? seems unlikely he has stock, but you never know
  12. Well..Well..Well..

    The plot thickens..As they say.

    Received a reply after all saying that it's not available and is discontinued stock.
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  13. Doesn't have anything in stock, I tried purchasing some pants from the dude a month or so back.
    Dainese travelguard - out of stock, new Galveston - out of stock.
    Didn't think spending my cash could be so hard
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  14. So what is the site for??

    Just for shits and giggles. Or trying to get people's emails and other details.

    Maybe a nice Nigerian dude is behind it.

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  15. part design practice, part detail collection.. super dodgy?

    are Nigerians Jewish and named Nimrod? :D

    anyone live in Byron bay?
  16. Either:
    • Account sniffing: Hope you use the same email, password combination as other services.
    • JIT phishing: Just, In, Time: attempting to get money down for products he does not hold.
    • Account on-sell: Requires you to create an account with personal details. Sells it.
    • Social-mining: Create a socio-demographic profile/map of users.
    • BI-mining: Business Intelligence: gathers statistics on product interest to launch legitimate offering
    • None of the above and I need more foil for a larger, more outrageous hat with sparkly bits.
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  17. UPDATE:

    Nimrod lives...and replies back. :D

    Pointed me towards a specific Jacket and advised that it may take 4 weeks to come.

    Also said that the phone number is not to be used and to communicate via email. :p
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  18. so he just buys it off some other website?
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  19. Or not.

    I've had enough. I'm looking elsewhere to spend my hard earned cash.
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