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VIC Query Licence Laws

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Laurier, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. I am the current holder of a Victorian Full Drivers Licence and tomorrow I am going to go for my motorbike licence after waiting the 3 month minimum period. After reading through old threads, VicRoads website and listening to well intended friends, I am still confused about some of the probationary license requirements.
    1. As a holder of a full drivers license I am under the impression that my full licence will be endorsed for a motorbike.
    2. There are restrictions that I am required to adhere to when riding the bike such as zero alcohol and no pillion.
    3. I am not sure if I am required to display a P plate, if so what colour and for how long?
    4. How long are the conditions in item 2 a requirement of my licence conditions
    Any assistance is greatly appreciated and any reference for the comments would help as well.

  2. Your a full car licence holder so no p plate needed at all !!

    But you will have a licence restriction on your bike size thou .
  3. No need for a P Plate. AFAIK, you are pillionless and drink less for 3 years.

    And yes, just an endorsement on you current license.

    And of course LAMS bike for 3 years as well.

    This stuff is all on the Vic Roads website.

    I'd assume its part of the written test as well?
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  4. I am running a C5 Enfield, no worry's there.
  5. The conventional restrictions, bike size, zero alcohol and pillion are all clear, it was just the P plate confusion. Thanks for the comments.
  6. Yep, Displaying of P Plates can be confusing. The rule seems to be you have to display on the Bike whatevers on your car (or none as in your case). Unless you only have a bike license, then its red and green as a newbie would have for the car.
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  7. 1: Your current license will be endorsed for a Probationary Bike License (REF)

    2: Yes, 0.00 Blood Alcohol, LAMS bike, No Pillions, No trailers, Headlight on at all times, no mobile phone use. (REF)

    3: Yes Red P plate for the first 12 months, Green P plate for the subsequent 2 years. (REF)

    4: 3 years. (REF)
  8. Err, Sorry cjvfrcjvfr , he is a Full License Holder, no need for P Plates.
  9. I believe that loophole has been removed, Vicroads states: (REF)

    You hold a driver licence
    If you already hold a driver licence, your motorcycle licence category will be added to your driver licence. If your driver licence is probationary, the motorcycle probationary period will end at the same time as your driver licence probationary period.

    All novice riders, for a prescribed period of time, are subject to restrictions and conditions.

    One of those Restrictions and Conditions is:

    Must display a 'P' plate on the rear of the motorcycle that is clearly visible and the colour of the plate is distinguishable from a distance of 20 metres.
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  10. Hmm. Website is pretty ordinary in this regard, but I still read it as you dont need to Display P Plates on a Full or Restricted License, only on Probationary.

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  11. I agree it is a bit vague but your bike endorsement is still probationary so I would read it the other way.

    A question to address to Vicroads I would say.
  12. image.
  13. Not sure what you are trying to say steve37steve37 that appears to be a full bike license not probationary? Can you clarify?
  14. As per the vic roads website his full drivers licence will be endorsed with a full bike I was highlighting there was two options. Your post suggested his endorsement would be probationary
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  15. Ok, a full license suggests no LAMS etc and I don't think that is right so there must be something I am missing. I have made a query to Vicroads and will report their response.
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  16. My understanding is this:
    If you have a full Vic driver's licence, you get a full (but restricted) bike licence, as opposed to a probationary licence.

    Hence, LAMS, no pillion, 0 BAC and no mobile phone, but a P-plate does not need to be displayed.
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  17. It's on the vic roads site you pointed to in brackets. Called a restricted full licence. Endorsement e
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  18. Im in vic and got my full bike licence last month with category e restrictions (no pillion,lams etc).
    I have a full car license. Never did bike p's or l's. Converted my thai license. Very confusing.
    Best to ask vicroads but my guess is that because of the car license you will be on full license with e restrictions same as me.
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  19. When I got my bike license in January, I was still on my Ps for my car license. Hence I needed to display a P plate for the bike as well. The day I got my full car license, I was no longer required to display P plates on the bike, yet I'm still on a restricted (or P-plate) license for the bike for 3 years.

    So unless they've changed this recently, you don't need to display P-plates on your bike if you have a full car license. You're still required to follow the rules for restricted license-holders though, so no drinks, no pillions etc.