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quelle horreur, 'es back on the roads a Melbourne!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by noworries, Oct 14, 2012.

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    Canna believe it - thought he was sick or crook or some fink - but, nope, jd's mate Neil is back on the torrid Melbourne roads again weaving his own peculiar brand of two-wheel vigilanteism and commentary. An' worse is to come - he's bunging his video footage up on YouTube again!


    This wee fellas gotta be gotten off the roads before he causes a big bingle or he gets thumped or ACA grabs him or something. JMHO, a course.

  2. Re: quelle horreur, 'es back on the roads a Melbourne!

    you mean just like his?
  3. Re: quelle horreur, 'es back on the roads a Melbourne!

    i just dunno.

    in Vic all we ever get fed is a mantra that speeding is 100% responsible for all accidents.
    no-one actually believes it of course because they actually own and drive vehicles on the road. and obviously they find they don't actually get killed every day.
    not arguing that excessive speed is safe for anyone. it's just not something you see people doing that often.

    however you do see a whole lot of stuff going on that does cause accident and injury to us in particular.
    indeed the true and highest causes of road trauma are the things Neil captures with his camera.
    it's just a pity we don't have any sort of road safety advocate group in vic to educate people and make traffic safer for all.

    like him or not, his work gets noticed. if it makes one driver take a real look at their behaviour. then that's a difference made.
    failure to indicate kills,
  4. I see the sentiment, but I'm not convinced. It sounds an awful lot like if it saves even one life on our roads then the difference is made and worth it. We haven't heard that before...
  5. The difference being that Neil's opinion causes trouble for the rest of us.
  6. Re: quelle horreur, 'es back on the roads a Melbourne!

    we"ll just have to see how history remembers him.
    where i'm at, my daily commute, speed is not really an issue because of heavy congestion.
    but the real dangers are not being addressed at all at any level.
    eventually the powers that be might catch on.
  7. Re: quelle horreur, 'es back on the roads a Melbourne!

    true, but the rest of us are growing in number.
  8. Re: quelle horreur, 'es back on the roads a Melbourne!

  9. Sorry but if the TAC, vicpol and vicroads get their way we'll all be riding like Neil, pretending we're a car instead of getting away from them, and these are the issues that happen if you ride like that... at least its documented.
  10. I find it amazing how different ACA reports truckies and cyclists using cameras - some even get agro.. but if you're on a motorbike.... :-s

    Road Cam Vigilantes
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  11. How do his vids cause trouble? Seems to me they show exactly what goes on out there on our roads.