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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by wizzardofaus, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. I was told a story by a work mate the other day about a rider on the track, wearing a flip face helmet, having an off and having the front of the helmet open on impact resulting in serious injury to the rider.

    This story was told to my workmates husband when he was buying a new helmet, and was then talked into buying a more expencive, normal full face helmet, which is why I am a little suspicious.

    Has any one heard this story or can anyone verify?

  2. Ide bet my balls that if its made to open and flip up, that come accident time it would most likely do as the story suggests :!:
    They are most likely great for couriers in town, but no way Ide be wearing one out on the open road, and certainly not on a track :shock:
  3. Well if the alleged accident victim had the chin section up (as you state), you'd expect him to have injuries similar to an open facer. They are NOT designed to be ridden with the chin section up. In fact they feel abnormally top heavy in that configuration. That function is there to make it possible to talk/eat/spit etc. norm normally when off the bike, and to ease access and removal.
    I doubt that they would flip up in an accident, but without testing I admit I can't be sure. Since all types of helmets essentially pass the same test, I expect that failure of that particular kind would not be covered.
    Having said that, (and having used all kinds of helmets including flip-ups) I don't think I'd be using one on a race track, as joetona says.
  4. Titus I think you misunderstood me,
    the alledged rider was wearing the helmet with the face down in the locked position, and it came open on impact with the road.

    I think that is the point the salesman was trying to make.
  5. i know of a woman who had a similar experience with one of BMWs flip face helmets,came off,front flipped up,resulting in some pretty severe injuries.I wouldnt wear one if given the option of a normal full face helmet. :?