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Queensland's first female motorcycle cops

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Cris, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. Queensland will see its first female motorcycle cops hitting the road, as the police force celebrates a major milestone.

    Senior Constables Rozanna Henriksen and Linda Tajnai were among five officers who passed the force's rigorous motorcycle training course.

    Officers must be able to handle motorbikes weighing more than 300 kilograms and three failed the most recent test.

    Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said it was a very demanding course.

    "The size of our standard motorcycles is an issue for some of the people who participate, both men and women," he said.

    "This is the first time that a female has successfully completed it."

    Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller said the last time a female officer did the course was in the 1970s and she had to pull out when she discovered she was pregnant.

    Senior Constable Henriksen said she had been determined to get through the gruelling three-week course.

    "Giving up was not an option for me and it is a very proud moment - I'm excited to get out on the road," she said.

    Mr Stewart said no special concessions were made for the female senior constables.

    "It just shows that gender diversity is alive and well in our organisation and it's supported, but we will never drop our standards," he said.

    "They have met the standards and gone over and above and I wish them well in the future to ensure that our roads are safe."​

    Queensland's first female motorcycle cops to hit the road - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    I would have thought this was already common, but apparently not. It's a man's world north of the border. Good on them anyway.

  2. Interesting that they feel its the size of the bikes that's the issue. o_O

    I mean they could be on the trail bikes that are used instead of the big ones surely?

    Anyway good on 'em for getting through :happy:
  3. Can you really say someone is qualified for it if they can't use the standard vehicle? Also, giving women a different standard would be unequal treatment.
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  4. True enough I suppose. I guess there'd be plenty of blokes who wouldn't pass as well. I just feel if the size of the bike is all that held them back then there are alternatives
  5. Maybe but I see nothing wrong with issuing kit more suited to the female form. Do the armed forces issue women with the same kit as men ?
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  6. I know a male copper who desperately want to be a motorcycle cop, failed three times I think, then just gave up....good on the girls for making it!
  7. If there's a legit reason for those particular bikes being 'standard', then agreed. If it's because of some idiot manager's arbitrary arse-covering whim (which is the case for most decisions in most large orgs I've worked in, public and private alike), perhaps not.
  8. I don't know, but I doubt there'd be significant differences; Australia has small military, with no women in combat roles (i.e. armour ain't gonna be a big deal), so I'd expect close-enough-is-good-enough to be the rule, not the exception... just as it is for the blokes :p. As far as I can see, we simply do not have the numbers to justify the process of additional procurement.

    They need something reliable, comfortable, powerful, capable of carrying tons of crud, and fast. The ST ticks all those boxes. If you add 'lightweight' to the list, it doesn't, your selection drops off dramatically, and the price starts to rocket. Most big sports-tourers are relatively heavy even before you luggage.

    Now, they may have other, lighter, bikes in their fleet, but I expect those fill a slightly different role, even if there's overlap in usage.
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  9. Are you certain? I think I remember reading about combat role restrictions for women being removed a while back. Presumably though it does take a while for changes like this to work all the way downstream.

    Sounds plausible. Anyway good for those who made it this round. A near 40% fail rate makes it pretty tough.
  10. No, I'm not certain. However, I assume women are far from a majority in the ADF in the first place, and don't expect that they'd all be rushing out to take up the opportunity.
  11. Bloody good luck to them! :)

    I know lots of folk, myself included, who really couldn't handle some of the big cop bikes.

    I also know that, in the past, I have explained to ladies wanting to learn to ride motorcycles, that there were no controls on a motorbike that actually required a penis, and, on certain motorbikes, a penis was a positive handicap.

    Good on them! :)
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  12. According to someone I know who has seen these lasses in actual training they can ride well.

    Good luck to them.
  13. i was going to ask if they are hot
    but then i clicked the link
  14. There is only one woman motorcycle copper in the Vic Police force.
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  16. What I was surprised by in the above is that none of the cars nor any of the bikes can manage a 1G stop from 60mph.
    The CanAm was the best of the "bikes", I assume because of having two front wheels so greater front tyre grip albeit
    with almost twice the total weight of the BMW.

    I mainly ride an FJR which is about the same weight as the BMW, and did not realise that the Harleys would be nearly
    100kg heavier, but again, much lower CoG to compensate. But it clearly shows that the Harleys neither accelerate nor
    decelerate nearly as well as the two Euro bikes. Strange that they don't test the FJR or ST, both of which are common
    police bikes in the more southern states.
  17. They also probably play Rugby Union. ST = Scrum Training
  18. ....And then.......
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  19. Oh
    so its play the man
    not his balls then is it?
  20. His 'n' Hers AR15's??

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