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Queenslander Oscar McIntyre killed in the Australian Superstock 600 race at Phillip Island WSBK

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Queenslander Oscar McIntyre has been killed in a tragic accident during the Australian Superstock 600 support race at Phillip Island.

    Motorcycling Australian confirmed the news in a press release issued after Superpole was cancelled on Saturday afternoon.

    "Motorcycling Australia and PI SBK Pty Ltd can confirm that Queenslander Oscar McIntyre has died following an incident during the opening round of the 2012 Superstock 600cc Championship race at the Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit this afternoon," the statement read.
    "McIntyre, 17, was immediately tended to by medical personnel after the incident, but his injuries proved to be fatal.
    "The crash, which also involved two other riders, occurred on lap two of the scheduled 12-lap race at approximately 2.00pm AEDT. It occurred between turns two and three.
    "The other riders involved were Luke Burgess and Michael Lockhart. Burgess has now been released from the circuit’s medical centre and Lockhart remains under observation with non life-threatening injuries."

    RIP bloke
  2. RIP. Our thoughts go out to the family.
  3. RIP Oscar :-(

  4. Terrible news. RIP
  5. Very sad, a young and promising rider. RIP.

  6. RIP,

    Condolences to his family.
  7. RIP

    Condolences to all that knew him
  8. Heard just before never good :(

    Rip young man
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  11. Rip....... :(
  12. Got a good friend who just got there today as well for his first time in a long time, will likely hear about what happened from him soon.

    Kid died doing what he loved, i would rather go out in that way. RIP.
  13. RIP Oscar. :(
  14. Bewdie, I thought mine didn't appear because I told some guy to 'feckoff'
    But it's because I'm smart! :))

    Seriously, his death was unnecessary. So many arskholes in the world, just waisting oxygen, and this young fellah is taken instead. It makes me violent!
  15. Yes please. I need to understand how it happened so I can rest my brain. Some detail beyond the usual sh!t in the press, would sincerely be appreciated.
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  16. got this from another forum

    "From what can be ascertained with the limited information available at this time, and subject to a coroner's investigation and thus not to be treated as fact; the incident unfolded after Oscar McIntyre crashed a few laps in to the race. His Yamaha continued on at turn one and ran across the infield all the way down to turn three, where it careered across the circuit as other riders were navigating the fast 200km/h + turn three; causing havoc."

    similar to simo ?
  17. was down there yesterday but didnt see footage of any 'impact' it may have been showed but I certainly didnt see it.
    Sad times for his family and friends, RIP
  18. RIP Oscar.

    If he has gone straight on from turn one in front of bikes coming around into turn 3 the poor guy wouldn't have stood a chance. If that's what happened then it was nothing like Simo. They fang outta turn 2 into 3 awful rapid-ish. Really feel for the two guys who hit him too.
  19. Will do if and when mate!