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Queensland, shitty 1 day, not hanging around for the next

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JohnVTR, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. I love Melbourne, I left there Tuesday on a 6am virgin for the fast 1 hour ride up the hill to Brisbane, "Beautifull"!! :LOL: the weather is not :cry: . I am not planning on hanging around till tomorrow to see what they mean by "Perfact" :LOL: I have got what I came for, A seen slightly better day's 2004 VTR1000SP2, now I am heading back to the vigin for the slow 3 hour ride home. Go figure you would think it would be faster going down hill :) :) :LOL:

  2. You could have flown with this mob http://www.naked-air.com/ to make the qld trip more exciting :wink:
    *Warning - Adult content*
  3. in winter when you're freezing your ass off and i'm riding around on sunny 20+ deg days i'll think of you ok??
    i haven't even seen a frost in 8yrs...
    i wasn't aware it didn't rain in melb!!!
  4. Give me Melbournes weather ANY day!! :D
  5. Hey we get all four seasons in one day... every day...

    If you can't handle that, stay up there with all that humidity... :p
  6. And I'll think of you when here in summer, when it's mid-late 20s, sunny, mild, no monsoons, flying cockroaches or cane toads, plenty of good riding roads (and I mean plenty).........

    Besides, winter riding here is fun. It's an adventure, and it doesn't have to be freezing, if you spend the right money on the right gear.

    Mt. Hotham - Anzac Day weekend, this year:

  7. what's it like riding on snow & ice? this is a silly question: do you put wheelchains on bikes?
  8. dodgeing bannana peels , and dopey melbourne people up there in there shorts and camera's hanging around there necks playing tourist .
    I think i am safer here even here with the taxis's
  9. I've never seen snowchains for bikes. Dunno how they'd fit, anyway. Bugger all room between wheel, swingarm, chain and mudguards.

    In any case, you ride bloody slowly. Luckily for us, the cold snap had passed, and it was just darned wet (was gonna say "bloody", but it'd probably be censored out). Just looked darned cold and icy.....
  10. and every one of them winter....
  11. There are snow tyres but you'd have a hard time justifying the cost (and effort of swapping them over) for the amount of time you'd use them. Unless you had a job at a resort.
  12. yes snow and ice... lovely.. I lived near the snow fields i remember them. it's like living in my freezer.

    must be why on average 20,000 people move from the southern states to qld EVERY year..
    i lived in victoria for 24 yrs i know what it's like. I've lived here for nine.

    did you know that tassie is moving closer to victoria?? it's because melb sucks!!!
  13. Yes, I agree that people move north, but as people get older their brain cells diminish so they fit in just fine up there :)
  14. Then we will have even more good roads :D :D
  15. Had a hit list just sitting here because i had no reason to add any1 , untill now Deb . Your number 1 . With that post , i might put u 2 and 3 as well :LOL: .
  16. FINALLY, i made it to someones hit list, thanx for that Dave. Why are you still a Melbournian? :p
  17. So Tanya you're a Victorian and moved to Queensland??
  18. Yep :)
    I've lived in Melb and Wangaratta (pls don't that last bit against me)
    Came up here for a holiday in april 9 yrs ago and moved here that June.
    Yes it gets hot.. what a good reason to sit on the deck with a drink and have a swim in the pool!!
    This year i wore jeans to work twice.. every other day was shorts..
    If you like the cold, melb is a good place.. but if you don't.. which is definetly me, this is the best place to live..
  19. Yes, qld - hot and humid, that you have to shower 3 times a day and as soon as you get out, you're sticky and sweaty. At least when it's hot in Melb, it's dry. And with Wangaratta, no wonder you moved up to qld not having to live in Melbourne itself. Gimme Melb anytime. :D Even over HK.
  20. Heya,

    I always wear jeans :shock: Even when it was 46 degrees or something stupid like that I was wearing jeans.. I was almost dead though :roll:

    Lisa :twisted: