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Queensland Police Service Officer caught bashing tourists

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chrome, Oct 12, 2010.

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  2. Oh nice, water torture and everything.
  3. "the QPS handling of the matter proved that there was no place in the QPS for such conduct" -- the conduct they are referring to is the actually being caught on film doing the physical acts not the physical acts temselves
  4. In the old days, it would have made headlines for the Queensland Police to NOT bash someone.
    Yes, I know. That was a while ago now.
  5. "Queensland Police Service Officer caught bashing tourists"

    Shame! Everyone knows it's only considered a crime if you get caught
  6. Moved to off topic, this has nothing to do with the politics of MOTORCYCLING.
  7. Saw the footage today, doubt the reasons they have given for the audio being removed are genuine, the 2nd assault is particualarly disturbing, the amount of time he holds the hose in the prisoners mouth forcing water down his throat is scary. No amount of provocation can be justified for a officer acting that way to a handcuffed prisoner.
    The other police who stood by and watched doing nothing are just as cowardly as the attacker IMO and should be harshly dealt with too
  8. he will be popular in gaol
  9. how lovely. What an excellent way to build the relationship with the public and gain their trust.
  10. that's my home turf!
    geez first the head cop was the biggest dealer in town, then this? nice work QPS.
  11. 2nd instance is absolutely torture.

    The cop should be placed in general population.
  12. It was quite disgusting as other officers looked on as if it was nothing,In another footage of a chick be given the same treatment a female officer walked past as if he was making the tea.
  13. Fire hose down the gob? That's actually pretty f*****g creative.
  14. not really, its a pretty standard torture technique.
  15. There you go. I would have been happy with just giving someone a belting. Guess that's why I'd be a crap cop!
  16. makes me sick
  17. That'd just be the gag reflex.