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Queensland licence laws. LAMS

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Pkjets, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Mature rider, obtained licence through Q ride in January 2009... Have Heard on the grape vine that LAMS is coming to QLD .... Can anyone offer advise on when.
    Also seeking advise from motor riding school or licencing weather I can upgrade my licence now ...

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  3. LAMS is coming in Queensland on 1 July 2009, has been for some time. It's not a secret, but it's not exactly shouted from the rooftops.

    As best I can tell if you get your licence before 1 July, you can buy and ride a LAMS machine after 1 July. But this is no by no means certain given the lack of information.

    Or search the forums for LAMS and Queensland I guess...
  4. Oh, and to give this a cruiser bent, if the Queensland LAMS list is anything like elsewhere, the only cruisers you can ride (that aren't a 250cc and thus one you can ride now anyway) are the Yamaha XVS650, the Honda VT400 Shadow, or the <cough> Hyosung GV650.

    Personally I'm still tossing up whether to join this biking game, mostly due to the understandable concern I'll end up as a hood ornament for a semi-trailer, but if I go down this route it's one of those bikes for me.

    Which means that it's the Yammy, as the Hyosung is heralded for its (lack of) quality, and the VT400 is only new (so no second-hands to drop as a provisional rider) and seems underpowered, and the XVS650 seems to be given a big thumbs up by all. And a 250 option seems... limited and they all look like powered pushbikes.

    I think if QRide is done before 1 July you'll be able to ride the LAMS bikes post-1 July. That's what happened in other states.
  5. There's a Honda VT600C Shadow that you can pick up on the cheap. It's 10+ years old, but it's good for a learner.
  6. Thanks for the comments. I just better keep under the radar till July 1.
    They promote Qld as the smart state... Sorry i dont agree. Lams should have been rolled out Aust wide way back when.

    Tell me if a NSW resident comes to QLD on his ir hers lams approved bike, and has a restricted licence, are they riding Illegal in QLD????

    Or if I ride my 650 on a QLD RE licence in NSW, I am now legal ???? What a load of %^)#$ ...
  7. I just spoke to Queensland Transport, who confirm LAMS is definitely coming in on July 1. If you get your licence beforehand but are still on P's post-1 July, you will be able to move across to a LAMS bike.

    If you have a super-powered 250 (i.e. non-LAMS 250), you will be able to continue riding it but will need an exemption certificate from the department.

    The LAMS list is not yet available but the Vic/NSW ones are 'very good guides'.

    That's all I needed to know.
  8. A NSW resident in Queensland would be fine with their licence to ride a LAMS bike. I suppose a Queenslander in NSW could ride a LAMS bike too I guess...

    ... agree consistency would be great, not always easy to sort out the way our states go.
  9. You are free to ride according to your permit or license conditions.