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Queensland learners ride alone??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Matt GO!!!!!!!, May 11, 2007.

  1. I found a lot more info regarding learners in QLD still need help deciphering it...

    The statement below I can't make sense of its from the Queensland Government Transport's website for motorbike learners

    It states "You must only be taught by a person who holds, and has held, an open licence for the class of vehicle you are learning to drive or ride, for at least one year. "http://www.transport.qld.gov.au/Home/Licensing/Driver_licence/Getting_a_licence/Motorbike/Learner_licence/

    Does this mean I can only take on advice and be taught by an Open who's been open in that class for a year...


    Does it mean an Open who's been open in that class for a year... has to accompany me at all times...

    I really need an answer to this it would be much appreciated.
  2. Hey mate. I can clear this one up for you straight away..

    You have to have someone with you at ALL times if you are on your L's. They need to have held an open bike licence for at least one year. They can follow in a car, on a bike or they can be a pillion. Only thing is, if they are a pillion, you need to be on your L's for 2 years, not one. Go figure, cos when you get your opens, you aren't allowed to have a pillion for the first year :grin:

    Best bet, is if you have the money, do the q-ride course. If you have had your car licence for 3 years you can go straight to an open licence and any size bike.

    Just google q-ride, you'll get all the info you need.
  3. Great idea. Give a learner a pillion.
  4. Hey man wish you the best of luck go for it!!

    Glade I'm not in QLD have no one I know that has there bike licence. My Friends are to poor and are under the thumb haha...

    But go for it you'll love it and your friends will want a bike then :)
  5. I know.... Still can't work that one out.
  6. Wow thats confusing.. If the person follows in a car, does the following person still need an open bike licence??
  7. Yes donshe. They are instructing the bike rider what to do. Doesn't make sense for a person without a bike license to be instructing a person how to ride a bike.
  9. Oh yeah, I did read that. Just seems quite futile to have someone behind in a car... Even more so, messing around with traffic in an attempt to stay together etc..

    Anyway, NSW is good :D
  10. weird farking system....

    In tas i went got my one day intensive done... passed my L's got the mc added to my already full car licence and started riding. I was under the old system, which is less than four years ago!

    I even wrote away for a 675cc class exemption to the regestra of licencing becasue i was tall and fat and a 250 would be a danger to myself and others.... I was done. No L plates.

    Six months late i did my "advanced rider" P's and walked into get my "provisional" to be told that I would be eligible becasue of my class restriction to have a unrestricted licence. So I ended up with a full licence With No experenced rider, no chase car chaperone. Well i guess its different in every state.

    I still think the car chaperone sounds like shenanigans.... and i am sure to hell i have seen learner riders with out pillions and chase cars here in qld...

    oh well, stick in there its all worth it.
  11. I would think they need to accompany you at all times..

    Of course, netrider offer a taxi service for our rides... so long as you're not too far away (or you bribe me enough) I can swing around and pick you up before our rides.

    With 17 years on the job im sure i count....