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Queensland Election - My Thoughts.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TheBlokeAtNumber27, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Bye bye Anna Bligh,
    Drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry,
    The white shoe brigade are drinking whisky and rye,
    Singing this will be the day that I lie....

  2. Julia should be packing right now
  3. Meh, typical of politics...

    The only certain thing about any party who wins office in Aus is that one day they'll lose it...
    Labor's time there was up after quite a while...
    They'll be back one day I'm sure only question is when, but with the thumping they got, it make take a few terms.... lol
  4. I sort of feel sorry for Queensland. It's looks like they are going to be thrust back to the bad old Joh Bjelke-Petersen days.
  5. as opposed to the good old 'promise them something to get re-elected and then break the promise once you're in' Labor days, you mean?
  6. Just so long as they don't replace Newman with a complete crazy before things even out a little again, because that would be extremely scary with no effective balances. Thankfully not an immediate concern, more for a term from now.

    re: Sir Joh you know if they're still using the same textbook i remember then he features in the ethics module for semester one policing in NSW. It's the module where they try to warn us how corruptly we might be used to ask ourselves if we could handle it. Literally "Textbook Corruption" :D
  7. Two words: Upper house.

    Queensland needs one.
  8. I might invest in a brown paper factory in Brisbane. I reckon brown paper bags will be in high demand soon in Queensland.
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  10. This is a good outcome and a massive demonstration of power from the good people of Queensland. Julia and her carbon tax next.
  11. Should be, but will probably just blame local affairs. Nothing to do with federal politics.
  12. Like JH was packing through all those Carr elections?
  13. In my field of fisheries research the LNP in NSW has been the most incompetent and destructive government in the space of a year. They are shutting down one of the worlds leading research centres and relocating staff at the cost of millions of dollars for the sake of national party ideology. Who knows what they have got up to in other narrow fields.

    All I say is be aware of how quickly the LNP can **** up something important to you.
  14. What's a worse than a slaughter?
  15. Yes, that's what happens when you forget your average aussie blue collar worker, the ones that supported your party in the past, and try to pander for all these new age lefty save the world greenies and co. Not enough of them eh. Lots of noise, but no substance. He he he.
  16. And labour was to blame for that! Queensland is a good example of why unicameral systems dont work. Not sure how the ACT or NT cope, maybe its a size/numbers thing.

    Or as in Queensland, the labour/green alliance just lock up the fisheries using the "precautionary principle". Then when a fishery is actually in trouble, they ignore it and do nothing about it. Great Barrier Reef, perfect example. All the scientist are saying that cane farm runoff is a major problem. South East Snapper fishery another example, stocks in decline, but do nothing about it.

    What annoys me the most, is that the unions still (or did) support labour. What is even more stupid, is mobs like the ETU (my former union, which I hate) then proclaim there hate fot labour and give cash to the greens?? WTF. How stupid are these people. Dont they realise the greens mostly preference labour? Most unions dont give a shit about the blue collar worker these days anyway, they just use it as a stepping stone into politics. ETU, perfect example.

    Fact is, both major parties are a joke. The greens are to economically and socially retarded. Katter is just a plain nutjob (and a socialist at heart). Something needs to change soon. We need a more balanced party.

    At least we dont have blight there anymore.
  17. Management and science are 2 very different things. What the LNP has done in nsw is closed a world leading research centre at the cost of running the centre for over 20 years to relocate staff and upgrade facilities to still be sub par to what they are closing down. And this money is coming out of research projects so very little science will be done for a long time. So management will have far less idea before making decisions about protecting stocks.
  18. Happily no greens got in... the greens candidate for gladstone had never even been here, but reckons he knew what the locals are thinking. Pfft.
    And he wanted to shut down the dredging project because of all the naysayers blaming it for stuff that i didnt do...
  19. Can they privatise it? That would reduce costs* and make it more efficient^.

    *Until we're paying we're paying twice as much as we used to to get the same piece of research done for us. No doubt they'd also cry poor and get themselves some juicy subsidies.
    ^By cutting costs and corners wherever they can get away with it.
  20. I don't have a clue about Qld politics, so I questioned my inlaws, who are lifelong Labor voters in urban Brisbane. Both voted against Bligh, and made a point that they did so with no faith in the LNP.

    But they basically said that any change was better than no change. They are incensed at the failure to deliver basic services properly, and outraged by the fire sale of assets to insiders.

    The inlaws continue to express a relentless a deep and abiding rage at the coup against Rudd, and will certainly express it at the next federal merry-go-round. But the state election was mostly about local incompetence and runaway corruption, from what I was told.