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Queensland drivers & riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gromit, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Just some observations after a couple of weeks in south-east Queensland.

    This week I drove along the Bruce Hwy from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and back. It's 2-lane freeway pretty much all the way, mostly with a 110 km/h limit.

    The standard of freeway driving was generally much better than I'm used to seeing here in Vic. Most drivers sat at somewhere between 90-120 k's, the slow ones keeping to the left lane. People actually kept left unless they were overtaking!

    If a quicker vehicle came up behind someone in the right lane, they used their mirrors and moved left - even if they were already driving at 110. None of the usual Victorian "I'm travelling at the limit so you can get stuffed" attitude.

    At one stage it rained heavily (but briefly). Drivers left increased space between their vehicles - no tailgating. I observed clear signs that drivers were actually using their brains.

    I saw only one speed trap. It was a clearly-marked police Landcruiser, with a "speed check in operation" sign sitting on the verge. Despite the appalling failure of the Qld police force to ensure rigid compliance with the speed limit at all times, the world did not end.

    Conclusion: they're doing something right, we're doing a lot of things wrong.

    Less cheerfully - very few of the riders I saw were wearing decent gear. Lots and lots of squids. Still, it's their skin so what the hell!
  2. QLD in general is a more relaxed population.

    They licensing system is less stringent, but because everyone's so easy going, there isn't the 'hurried and tense' tailgaiting and tension in traffic we might get in Sydney and Melbourne [or at least not as much].

    That aside, when QLD drivers DO appear on our roads down here, they usually are less than exemplary in their skills.

    A QLD driver in a white Jeep Cherokee merged half into LPCIII's lane when he was riding Wedge's new GS500F up the F3 last weekend.
    LPC saw him and moved over so as not to get hit - the guy was a ferkin' wanker. Only reason he had to merge at that time was because the bloody numpty [yes, bonox... yes!] undertook a truck to wind up tailgaiting ANOTHER truck anyway.

    Use your eyes!

    If I'd had a gun...
  3. Second Gromit's comments on Queensland drivers in general - and I get to enjoy them all the time. (Got to meet the man while he was up here too, which was great.)

    I'm stunned in general by how many drivers:

    (1) Do the automatic 'oh sh*t, a truck/bus., must overtake at all costs'... even when the vehicle in question is travelling the same speed as them and the same speed they want to

    (2) Don't drive looking a couple of hundred metres ahead, but just at the vehicle directly in front. That's why it takes ages to get going at the lights, because no-one except the first vehicle is looking at the lights, they're all waiting for the one in front to pull away. And as Ktulu noted, people pull rad (dangerous) overtaking manouvers tjhat will do diddly to get them there faster, because they're not reading the road ahead.

    I generally find Queensland drivers very courteous and thoughtful, but have had others say they're not... I do think to some extent what you see is compounded from:

    (a) what is actually there
    (b) what you're used to
    (c) what you focus on

    If you choose to focus on the worst drivers you see, you'll swear drivers in XXX are out to kill you, if you choose to focus on the best... (And sure, realism and balance would be good but I don't think anyone completely attains that)

    Heh, a few rants off my chest!
  4. So... they can't spell "beer" or "car"? :p
  5. In all honesty, I've found QLD drivers to have a level of competance BELOW that of your average NSW learner driver. And no, I'm not joking. Soon as I see QLD plates I try and get away from em.
  6. QLD drivers may well be good but the worst I have seen are drivers in South Auckland (2 weeks ago). Rural VIC drivers are pretty good and each time I go back to Melb I ask myself why I spent 20 years driving/riding there. Syd drivers are about the same but their road network apart from freeways are a mess. Adelaide is a big country town so driving is easier. Perth taxi drivers are trully scary! :cool:
  7. `being a queensland driver and rider, i must confess to being slightly biased... however i do disagree with the original post regarding drivers keeping left unless overtaking... i think queensland is so relaxed that most drivers dont worry about which lane they are in.. or what is behind them... and as such do not know how to use a rear view mirror to see if someone is trying to get past etc...

    however it certainly is better with regards to speed cameras... you can usually see them for miles before allowing plenty of time to slow down.. for those who speed :D wouldnt be anyone here im sure haha
  8. As a few have already stated.. queenslanders are 'relaxed' and with this seems to carry the ability to let others into your lane, as apposed to Melbourne where you have to fight your way in.

    In the last 9 months of being back in Brissy i've heard a cars horn maybe 4 times... makes a nice break from the 8 horns a day that i would hear in Melbourne for the 7 months previous... Grumpy bunch :p
  9. hmm i think its more like this 8-[
  10. I'm from Central QLD and I cringe in fear each winter when the "Grey Nomads" begin their trek northwards with their 4WD's and Caravans with their yellow/black or white/blue numberplates. :p

    Personally and (very) generally I find that:

    QLD drivers are mostly ok
    NSW / ACT drivers are mostly ok
    Vic drivers are mostly ok
    SA drivers are mostly ok
    NT and WA drivers are mostly ok
    Don't see many TAS drivers so ???

    However, there is about 20% (I reckon) of any road population which are complete thoughtless :jerk: s

    Mostly consisting of cars, trucks, bikes, 4WD's (hmm pretty much every sort of vehicle) :LOL:
  11. Try living in Cairns, I think all the worst Qld drivers come up here!
    Red light runners, Speeders, Lots of oldies out cruising 20 to 30k's below the limit, shocking roads and on and on it go's

    EG: We have one guy who will do suicide runs, merge from lane to lane with just millimetres to spare, speed pass you in turning lanes, I even watched him force a poor bugger on an XR250 up onto a traffic Island just so he could get one place ahead of a slower vehicle, and all of this to get the front of the traffic before is merges to one lane, Just so he can slow everyone to 20k's under the speed limit on the highway.

    And yet he has had letters in the paper (Cairns post) about him, I and many others have reported him to the police, But this F##kwit still does this all the time.

    I have driven in many citys and towns but some of the worst driving I have ever seen is here in Cairns, Great place to live, But you wouldn't want to drive there!
  12. I'd agree with that, but I've noticed they all just sit exactly on the speed limit spread evenly across the lanes. They dont seem to actually care what lane they're in?? Relaxedness (my new word for the day) generally also means complacency which can be scary on the roads.
  13. Yep, couldn't agree more. :wink:
  14. i drove down to sydney a few years ago, in my girlfriend's commodore with nsw plates, and for the first few days that i was down there i seriously thought that everyone was trying to race me!! i thought it couldnt be because they knew i was a queenslander because of the plates.. but after a while i realised it was just how you drive down there. that's fine, the city is way more congested and people are generally in more of a hurry in sydney than they are in queensland.. but you can keep that behaviour down there thanks!! i much prefer queensland's relaxed attitude.
  15. I am infrequently, yet regularly surprised with queensland driver's behaviour towards bikers... In the last 3 months I've had maybe a dozen occassions where I'm second or third in line coming up to red lights, and the car in front of me sees me in the rear view mirror, then realises I'm going to filter anyway, so they give me more room! From what i hear about riding down south, this would never happen.
    My main complaint about QLD drivers is they continually fail to check their blind spot (KEEP DEM' EYES OPEN PEOPLE!!!)
  16. this is very true, and about queensland drivers down south, ummm we have the same thing here, when i nearly get run over when on the bike, or have someone cut me off when in the cage and not indicating on round abouts etc, and generally just bad driving, 9 out of 10 times you can guarantee there will be a NSW plate on the car! :-s
  17. Amen Brother!! What does this dude drive so I can keep an eye out and stay away from him?!