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Queensland drivers & riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gromit, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Just some observations after a couple of weeks in south-east Queensland.

    This week I drove along the Bruce Hwy from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and back. It's 2-lane freeway pretty much all the way, mostly with a 110 km/h limit.

    The standard of freeway driving was generally much better than I'm used to seeing here in Vic. Most drivers sat at somewhere between 90-120 k's, the slow ones keeping to the left lane. People actually kept left unless they were overtaking!

    If a quicker vehicle came up behind someone in the right lane, they used their mirrors and moved left - even if they were already driving at 110. None of the usual Victorian "I'm travelling at the limit so you can get stuffed" attitude.

    At one stage it rained heavily (but briefly). Drivers left increased space between their vehicles - no tailgating. I observed clear signs that drivers were actually using their brains.

    I saw only one speed trap. It was a clearly-marked police Landcruiser, with a "speed check in operation" sign sitting on the verge. Despite the appalling failure of the Qld police force to ensure rigid compliance with the speed limit at all times, the world did not end.

    Conclusion: they're doing something right, we're doing a lot of things wrong.

    Less cheerfully - very few of the riders I saw were wearing decent gear. Lots and lots of squids. Still, it's their skin so what the hell!