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Queensland/Brisbane Riders - 6th and 7th August

Discussion in 'Other States' started by Sir Skuffy, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    I will be undertaking some business and holidays in Brisbane for a couple of weeks. I will be driving up and have decided to bring the bike with me. So, here goes.

    Here is Sundays ride... http://home.bigblue.net.au/~andrewkiss/First.htm

    Arriving saturday, 6th August, late afternoon - Drinks, dinner and partying

    SUNDAY, 7th August... Who wants to go for a ride????? The lone Melb takes on the best that QLD has to offer :D :D :D

    So, who is interested in riding on the sunday :)
  2. Should be OK for a fang that day mitch - as long as the weather is good :LOL:
  3. Excellent, thats one
  4. I'd be up for it, should have a bike by then, if you's won't mind waiting at the bottom of the big runs..
  5. No probs waiting.... the more the merrier.....
  6. I'de be up for that.. any ideas on where?
  7. Well, you guys are the locals, so I expect to be shown the BEST riding areas you have to offer.... I hope it to be one of those days where we ride till sunset and then meet somewhere fun for a few beers and some bench racing....
  8. I'm in.

    The overclockers mc mob usually do a lap of "the block" on Sunday Mornings:

    start at The Gap -> Sanford -> Mt Mee -> d'Aguilar -> Woodford -> Kilcoy (via Villeneuve) -> Somerset Dam -> Mt Glorious -> Mt Nebo -> back to The Gap

    Lots of twisties and some fast open stuff too...
  9. Hey St Simon.

    Could you and the others find out a little more for me.... Would love to have some people show me the fun places to ride on a sunday..... Very much looking forward to it....
  10. Looks pretty good.... What is the map scale, road surface type, etc....

    Also, what is the total distance of the entire run???
  11. Skuff, you are incorrigible!! 2,000 miles from home, on business, and all you can think about is riding! (seethes with jealousy while appearing to pass innocent comment!)
  12. I know I know.... so much work to do there and all I can think of is the drive up, the partying saturday night and the arse kicking ride on Sunday :) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  13. Dan, your membership of the Queensland Government Tourist Bureau has been revoked forthtwith...

    "If the weather is OK"

    Where did "Beautiful one day, perfect the next." go to????
  14. it's absolutely bucketing down ATM :LOL:
  15. Ah Queensland..raining one day, raining the next!!!
  16. Hey Dan
    My wife and I were on holidays in Qld recently and we did that exact loop in a little Astra convertible. I'd LOVE to do it on a bike, it was fabulous.
  17. It is just so fun - it's like every second corner is turn 1 at phillip island - much more open and sweeping than roads like reefton (which still rock)
  18. Does anyone have any other maps of trips to do?