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Queensland bikers caught doing wheelies, covering rego plates

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by revhead998, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,27574,26127805-3102,00.html

    RECKLESS motorcyclists have been snapped doing wheelstands, using their feet to cover licence plates to avoid detection and speeding more than 100km/h over the limit.

    Speed camera pictures from around Queensland showing motorcyclists caught in the act over the past few months were released exclusively to The Sunday Mail.

    One rider was clocked travelling at 202km/h in a 70km/h zone at Mackay.

    Another was doing a wheelstand at 153km/h in a 60km/h zone on Gympie Rd at Kedron, on Brisbane's northside.

    The dangerous stunts have drawn the wrath of Police Minister Neil Roberts, who warned riders to "pull their heads in" to avoid further road carnage.

    Mr Roberts said motorcyclists made up 4.5 per cent of road users but represented 22 per cent of last year's road toll, with 72 deaths.

    Fifty-four riders or their passengers have been killed this year.

    He said almost a quarter of motorcycle fatalities were the result of riders performing illegal manoeuvres.

    "Obey the road rules before you kill or maim yourself or someone else," he said.

    Mr Roberts said the motorcyclists were taking huge risks to avoid a speed camera fine.

    "Some of the behaviour in these pictures is just plain stupid," he said.

    Three riders were at least 20km/h over the speed limit when they tried to hide their number plate from the speed camera.

    One man travelling along Kelvin Grove Rd in inner-city Kelvin Grove was travelling at 71km/h in a 60km/h zone when he stood up and used his foot to cover the licence plate.

    "Reaching behind a motorbike at high speed to obscure a rear number plate is incredibly reckless," Mr Roberts said.

    Queensland Transport is investigating the benefits of a zero alcohol limit as part of its four-year motorcycle safety strategy, along with new technology to prevent bikes escaping speed camera detection.

    Radio Frequency Identification Devices are being developed to help overcome the problem of motorbikes not having a front registration plate.

    Motorcyclists caught riding dangerously face up to three years' jail or a $20,000 fine.

    Mr Roberts said obscuring a number plate carried a maximum fine of $4000.

    "But the real concern here is that these people are endangering their own lives and the lives of others," he said.
  2. Well, Qld, what can you say??? :)
  3. Good luck getting this one to fly Queensland transport... That would be the lead in to riders/drivers being fined by satelite, as they are tracked everywhere they go.
  4. Bloody motorcyclists. They should all be banned.
  5. rupert murdoch should be banned instead

  6. Funny. My "Find somewhere where the government isn't out of control" plan is being developed in parallel.
  7. Development of any new laws should be banned. Current laws are adequate, they just don't enforce them.
  8. Strange how this article comes out to justify the rfid shit that qld are currently developing.
    agenda anyone?
  9. I dont think its a massive conspiracy. mainstream public dont like motorbikes because "they zip in and out of traffic dangerously" (ie. "i dont check my mirrors or blind spots and i shouldn't be driving", combined with "they get there faster than I can"), they dont have front no plates so they dont get caught when normal motorists can, and seemingly get away with a lot more general lawbreaking than car drivers, and so the poor schmucks get jealous and dislike riders. The newspapers know this, and peddle it out accordingly. Public would love a way to make those pesky riders get in line. I dont think they realise that rfid for one means rfid for all.

    "when they came for the communists, I cheered on because all communists are evil" (my edit)
  10. i wonder,
    would Queensland Police Minister Neil Roberts like to comment on who has killed the most innocent civilians, between hooning riders and hooning Police?
  11. what's that, Mr Roberts?
    i can't hear you.
    there's too many crickets chirping
  12. Agenda? Yes, MRA have known about the Qld agenda for quite some time. Just ask Tony Ellis - he can fill you in.

    BTW - who are these contortionists in Qld?
  13. In other news, 3/4 of motorcyclists were killed whilst not performing illegal maneuvers.
  14. The other 90% of them were sober and doing the speed limit.

  15. the guy on the cruiser in the article must be a freak to cover his plate like that.

    we all know cruiser riders would have to be the least athletic riderson the road. surely that was someone borrowing his mates bike and didn't want anyone to know so he covered up the plate?

    and this photo [​IMG] :

    i call bullshit for saying they were doing 188km/h. they are both seriously squiding, there is a pillion on the bike and the bike is currently going over the lane markers. you hit one of those with a pillion at 190km/h and i am sure you would come off.
  16. With ****heads doing things like that, it's no wonder that we all get treated like scum. It only ever takes a few to wreck it for everyone.
  17. Surely the answer is just to turn the front facing speed cameras around to nab us from behind (e.g. like absolutely every speed camera I've ever seen).

    As for the little witch hunt article ("BIKERS ARE EVIL!!!" type bullshit) just how many unregistered cars are out there on the road eh?
    As for covering the plate with your hand (in the article I read): just be on the lookout for some freak with 2metre long arms surely?
  18. There is a time and a place...........
    I'll second that motion :p
  19. They need to see the pain and suffering there actions are likely to cause.

    There's no such thing as a dangerous car,truck,bus,bike whatever, only uneducated yobos behind the wheel/handle bars.

    I hate stories like this and that kids might think that it's a cool thing to try .

  20. yes

    I didnt notice anyone defending them, I noticed people attacking a media stance that ignores a bigger problem and focuses on a minor one.

    On some roads, not only is it easily possible to do 200 km/h, but its also safe to do it

    somewhat irrelevant. They havnt killed anyone, your attaching someone else's crimes to someone that has not committed them, and pasting with the same brush.

    You can't try someone for what might have happened

    Who says they are likely to cause it? Herald Sun?
    Yes and you can see most of these people, identifiable by talking on the phone while driving, tailgating, not indicating, falling asleep, etc.
    Your kidding, right?
    If your reffering to the uneducated yobo's I listed above, be careful what you wish for, might have more repercussions than you can imagine.
    Sorry, who did they kill or ra-pe?

    indeed. Makes you wonder why the media publish them...
    No worries

    Obeying the road rules led 75% of the riders who died to their death.