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Queens Birthday Ride to Albury and Gundagai (for some)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by cjvfr, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Late ride report but better late than never.

    Bluesuede our fearless leader had marshaled the troops for an 8:00 am start. The best laid plans and all meant that after cranky bikes and less cranky people has assembled it was closer to 9:00 but its a holiday so off we go. The weather gradually settled in as we headed up and out. By the time we had reached the Hustbridge to King Lake road it was cold, wet and foggy. Those heated hand grips some of the group had were looking pretty sweet and I cast covetous eyes at their warming luxury. I will never scoff again. The trip up to King lake was so poor in visibility that you couldn't see completely through the corners. Oh well, there are others ahead of me so they should have swept the road of any critters, fingers crossed. By the time we had reached Yea a suggestion of a possible blue sky was opening up and things became far more comfortable. Yea to Seymour and then a fuel stop. On to Mansfield, a quick ride via Avenel to Euroa for coffee. By then the sun was starting to make things more pleasant. Then a run across through Merton to Mansfield.


    After a fuel up it was time for the Whitfield run. Still cool but on the road to Whitfield there is no time to think of creature comforts, such fun, empty roads, scenery, sweepers, tight bends, drops it has great variety. Lunch at Whitfield and then on to Wangaratta. From there some boring highway riding until the beckoning comforts of our Motel. Next Dinner and the Irish Pub where we met the amazingly luminous Pink man, an apparition in a bright pink suit. A series of alcohol tastings were done, just to be sociable. Wait, did I see the pink man before or after the alcohol ???

    The next day dawned, well it more sort of 9:30ished. The fearless leader cast a disapproving eye over the bedraggled team. With exhortations of "best roads today, come on you will regret it if you don't come" etc he shamed the majority into venturing forth. On to the Murray Valley highway with a quick stop at the dam wall first. Once we were into the swing of it again this was motorcycle bliss, very few cagers, a sunny, still day and k's of sweeping bends. Bellbridge to Walwa and a break to sit in the sun or in front of the fire depending on what took your fancy. Off again to Tooma where some elected to return in the mirror direction and others to press on to the symbol of Australiana kitsch "The Dog on the Tuckerbox".

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    As we climbed towards Tumbarumba it cooled and a few areas the roads were wet and greasy but still a wide variety of fun to be had. After a spirited run to Tumbarumba it was time for lunch. A late lunch just in before the kitchen closed at the pub. Lucky! Feeling slated and a little lethargic we ventured forth once more. Off to Tumut and then the glittering prize of Gundagai, well not that glittering but a destination anyway. Then the final run out of town to the Dog on the Tuckerbox, did the tourist thing, read the story looked at the statue took the obligatory photos. It's always the journey more than the destination. The Sun is sinking towards the horizon so its a quick trip back on the boring Highway, its a cold dark run back to Albury and the group is happy to see the Albury exit sign when it comes up. Tonight off to the club to see our Casey in the Moto GP, and possibly some more alcohol tastings.


    Next day, final day, damn; work approaches. The whole group is back together for the final run home. Weather threatens again so off we go on the reverse of our trip up. The ride from Whitfield to Mansfield the weather sets in and its wet wet wet. Standing water on the road not this roads best aspect but you take it as it comes. The confident water riders scoot off and the rest of us tootle along at a more sedate pace. We arrive back at Mansfield for lunch and the bakery seems the popular choice. After lunch the group started to scatter on different routes home with one group taking the Yea, Flowerdale, Whittlesea route. As we got towards Whittlsea we struck slow cager traffic for the first time, a sharp reminder the holiday was over.

    Good times, Good people, good roads and fun times. Thanks to my fellow travellers.
  2. Well done Chris, yeah it was good though wasn't it. Bloody huge. Took me most of the week to recover I reckon. Ah yes, my heated hand grips, bless em. Worth every cent.
    Thanks for being a good riding buddy. Say hi to Mick for me. I didn't end up needing his help with the sprockets and chain, the mech did it all for me the next day. Tell him thanks anyway though.
  3. No problems Donna, I will pass on your thanks to Mick. Thanks for the company it was a great trip. I needed an antidote to work at the time and that did it for me. I am almost enthusiastic about going to work again. :)
  4. Thanks for the write up Chris and thanks to everyone that came along on this trip! You guys really made the trip - great company and some really fun times mixed in with some awesome roads - what could be better?!?! :) I had a fantastic time.

    My write up is almost finished and I'll add it to the thread - and my pics as well :grin: Although perhaps I'll withhold some of the more incriminating ones ;)
  5. Incriminating photos Ian? Sarz has GOT to be the subject of those then... :p

    Good write up Chris. I had a great time guys (albeit a little overslept on the sunday) and was knackered by the time I got home. Fun weekend :grin:
  6. Ok I promised some pics!

    The route can be found here

    Essentially, Day 1, the Saturday, was to be Melbourne to Albury. Sunday was then Albury to Gundagai and back. Monday was the return home to Melbourne. The intended route was as follows

    Day 1: Melbourne to Albury: 455km, about 8 hours including stops
    Day 2: Albury to Gundagai: 323km, 5 1/2 hours or so including stops, then Gundagai to Albury via Hume, 181km, 2 hours 9 minutes
    Day 3: Reverse of Day 1, 455km, 8 hours approx

    Day 3, as Chris has mentioned, was modified due to exhaustion and poor weather - it was as planned as far as Mansfield and then direct to Yea and Whittlesea and home for some of us.

    So here are a selection of pics:

    Day 1

    Stopping for coffee and a snack break at Euroa:

    2008_06080009.JPG 2008_06080011.JPG
    2008_06080012.JPG 2008_06080013.JPG

    The hotel in Albury:

    2008_06080014.JPG 2008_06080017.JPG
  7. Day 2

    Setting off the next morning was a bit much for some after a big night beforehand, but some good sights to be seen at the Hume Weir and the group split up later in the day with four of us making it to Gundagai:

    2008_06080019.JPG 2008_06080024.JPG
    2008_06080025.JPG 2008_06080026.JPG
    2008_06080028.JPG 2008_06080029.JPG
    2008_06080030.JPG 2008_06080031.JPG

    Hmmm...better add some write up from me as well!