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Queens B/day Broadford ride day

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Hey Guy's :)

    The weather is forecast for 16 & sunny for the June 11 Champions Ride Day, I'll be there coaching again; you can book the coaching on the morning if you want some fast tips.

    It'd probably be best to book the ride day a couple of days before to make sure you get in; with it being a public holiday & sunny weather :)
  2. I'm heading there with a bunch of other guy's so i'll make sure to say hi.

  3. was heading down but have to pull out :(
    Never know I might be able to sneak it in, craving to get on the track
  4. I recon I'll be in, I think I'll do this instead of the Vic Motorcycle practice day before my first race at the Inter club on Sunday the 17th.
  5. I'm in, I'm just trying to find a place to park my trailer and bike for the Sat & Sun. I'm going bush and can't take it with me. I'm trying to get onto the track staff and ask them, but it looks like no events are running those days, so hopefully it's not locked up! If anyone knows a place between there and Shepparton where I could park it I'd be happy even if I could park it out the front of a house where I knew it would be safe.
  6. Sheeth - do it!! Would love to catch up with you and check out your beast and your track style :)

    Funkysuperfly - send me a PM as you can leave it in Heathcote at my place if you wish.

  7. I locked it this morning and will be heading down with a mate for our first ever track day.

    I'm very excited and a bit nervous being my first but would be good to meet a few netriders. I will be on my Aprilia Tuono V4 and my mate will be on a white street triple.
  8. I'm 90% just see how i go with getting everything organised and ready for monday.

    Hopefully see you there!!
  9. I'll be on a black RSV4R so i'll look for you and you look for me.

    I'm in intermediate fast.

  10. If I'm there I'll be in fast - can't wait to see and hear your new bike Quo!
  11. Being my first I think I will stick to beginner but will definitely keep an eye out for your beast.

  12. I'll be busy with my students all day but I'll try and get to say "Hi" :)
  13. I take it all back, have fun guys I'm going to stay in.

    I'll be there for the race Sat and Sun next weekend.

    Hopefully see a few of you there~!!