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QueenAnkly down but OK

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. In other news, Z1000s crash pretty well.

    She came off on a right hander between Reefton and Warburton, after a good smooth run trhough the Black Spur and a mentally draining trip through a debris and gravel loaded Reefton spur.

    Lost concentration thinking about what she'd learned on the spurs, ran wide, stood it up and braked (D'OH!) and landed on her bum in a nice soft patch of grass. She picked a great spot, missing a road sign, a gnarled and pointy tree branch, and a bunch of broken windshield glass by about half a metre each.


    It took me about 15 seconds to realise she was off my tail, and about another 30 to get back there, by which time she was alredy up, jumping around, lid and gloves chucked on the ground and swearing like a member of the merchant navy. Thank god.

    She's a bit stiff and sore but no major injuries.

    The bike stood up exceptionally well, considering that she decked it between 80 and 100kmh. Clutch cover and the little engine cover in front of it took a good scuffin', but they're cheap and designed to be replaced. Rear brake lever a bit bent... Meh. Pipes lightly scratched and dented, bracket a bit bent. No biggie. Ducktail scratched, purely cosmetic and a good chance to find one at a wrecker when she's got the cash to replace it.

    This is the bike after a high speed crash and slide:
    Amazing innit? This Kwaka was built to bounce! It managed to pick up an amazing amount of dirt and stones, in and around the ducktail and the engine covers. Col's way of bringing a bit of the Reefton home with her I guess!

    The engine cover had a small puncture in it which leaked a bit of oil under pressure, so we metal-cemented it up with supplies from Warby and that seems to have been OK as a temporary fix, got her home anyway.

    She's fine, angry as hell with herself for deflowering her month-old pride and joy, but both her and the bike are in brilliant shape. Such brilliant shape that she pulled her first wheelie on the way down Springvale road on the way home. :grin:

    ...And thus, the trifecta is in play. Anyone want to go for a ride with me next week? Adventure guaranteed. Heres a tip: top up your insurance premium before you do. I'm getting a first aid kit for the bike ASAP. :shock: :oops: :cry:

    More photos here.
  2. :( Bugger about that.... At least no-one was hurt bad.... And it was so pretty last friday :)

    Ride on QA :)
  3. Geez....damn shame about dropping the new bike......good to hear rider was uninjured..( except for some pride perhaps)

    So Loz....is there some conspiracy going on with you, that the next vict...errr I mean rider should know?
  4. Glad she came out of it ok - Sorry but i think i will take a pass on the ride.
  5. I've got Monday off work Loz, so if the weather's good and you're keen to complete your trifecta I'll come out for a blat :grin:

    sorry to hear about your run of bad luck, once again there's nothing you could've done to prevent it...

    A few of us spent last night with Colleen and cheered her up a bit, I didn't believe her about the off when I spoke to her yesterday arvo coz she was laughing and way too cheerful... you need some help Coll, not meant to enjoy an off that much :wink:

    great to see Colleen and Ev (Coll's Z) both looking really good considering they went for a slide at close to 100km/h... :eek:
  6. aah no thanks Loz, not because I am scared or nuffin!

    A wheelie on the way home way to go queenie!
  7. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! :cry:

    the king of the zed's looking sorry for itself. that sucks. colleen i'm glad to hear you're unhurt enough to dance around swearing. :)

    loz i am freaking glad you had to pull out of coming on the shift workers ride due to mechanical issues............hang on a minute!!!!........ four seconds after you left in a haze of white smoke a pedestrian was run over by a car! <smack bang inbetween where we were and the direction you headed> :tantrum: :eek:hno: :tantrum: ....i feel unsafe just talking to you online...
  8. Good to hear QA is champion... :grin: and the bike is pretty much perfectly intact... :grin:
  9. I thought I told everybody to stop fcuking falling off! :tantrum:

    Not good Colly, but I'm glad to see you're ok. :grin: Me thinks you is a very lucky girl. :)

    On the bright side, now you've ditched the zed you'll never need to worry about scratching it anymore. :) Unless you decide it's time to start work on the mods. :wink:

    Still can't think why you guys went up Donna Buang yesterday? :? That wind must have been as pleasant as an eye full of petrol. :shock: :LOL:
  10. almost forgot about the wheelie... her face was lit up all night at the mention of it :grin:

    You've got her hooked Loz, she'll be out doing more wheelies in no time :wink:

    Let me know about Monday... itching for a decent ride :wink:
  11. Who's been watching Long Way Round :grin:
  12. Kawasaki build tough bikes, no doubt about it!
    As they teach pilots, if you've gotta go down, pick the nicest spot and aim for it!
    That bike will come good in no time.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Skydiving... Riding with Loz... Is everything OK? Tell me about your relationship with your parents... :LOL:

    I'll probably be up for it if you promise you won't crash. And you're leading. On the positive side, I'm getting good at roadside diagnoses and repairs.
  14. It was phenomenal. Could hardly stand up in it, particularly up the top of the tower. We went up there to kill some time while we waited for the metal cement to dry on her punctured engine cover. And it was F*CKEN FREEZIN'! Not to mention the 3 fallen trees we hauled off the road on the way up.
  15. Loz, I hope its not getting you down too much. Soon there be a question during insurance quote... " Have you, or do you plan to, ride with Loz?"

    Queen, I hope all is good and pride is restored.


  16. :LOL: That description is pure gold. Glad to hear QA is ok, & her bike in relatively good condition considering the off.

    I'm gonna PASS on that offer big time :p. Damn that stretch of road startin to scare the piss outta me & I aint been anywhere near it :LOL:
  17. :shock: Bugga
    glad to hear coleen is Ok
    gloves and helmet throwing is better than kicking the bike :grin:

    thank fully Coleen is not injured

    optional wheelie seems a tad of venting :grin:

    i hope your not too sore tomorrow Coleen

    i will pass on the ride too matey i bought my new bike last friday as well (11 aug)and want her to stay looking spiffy for another year or 2 :grin:

    i have ridden that road many times and Still prefer to do it with No other riders around Tuedays and thursdays are the best to ride it at your Own pace
  18. Trust me the pain is awesome. :shock: TV is the best way to experience the event. :)
  19. Loz ya big man muffin! Stop wiggling your butt in the twisties and people will stop falling off their bikes whilst following you! :LOL:

    It's a shame the Zed wanted to have a lay down Coleen, but you obviously tired the poor thing out. Nice way to show it who's boss is to get it up on one wheel at the start of every ride. :wink: Seems to work for Loz.
  20. ohhh .. noooo... sorry to hear that...
    At least you are unhurt.. bike can be fixed.. no problem.. hope everything turns out good.