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Quebec rego prices...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Here's a snippet from a post on the SR500 Forum from a Montreal fellow, about the changes to registration prices in his part of the world...

    "Long story short....whereas two years ago it cost $320.00 each for the registrations for both of my bikes, next year ( the last, ya cuz they won't increase them again, year of a 3 year stepped increase) It will cost...$1,400.00 for my Ducati 748 (now classified as a "Supersport over 400cc"), and $630.00 for my SR (now classified as a "Standard over 400cc."). I am also obligated by law to have at least public liability insurance (from the private sector). This in total disregard to how many years experience you have and what your driver's record (demerit points) looks like. I will be paying the same as the 'village idiot', there is no longer any incentive to be a responsible rider. The fact that I have bags of experience and a spotless driving record doesn't matter a bit. Essentially, the government wants to price bikes off of the road. They are doing a damn fine job of it. Retailers report sales losses on the order of 40-50%. The local boards & classifieds are bursting with bikes. My Ducati is basicly worthless in this province..."


    :shock: I always said that what we need right now is more people getting into cars (or, realistically, stupid inner-city 4x4s!). They're protesting this, but this fellow's pessimistic about the outcome. I wonder what would happen if this was attempted here...
  2. That is disgraceful! My Ducati 998 costs $210 a year rego in Queensland.
  3. WTF????? Thats insane!

    In regard to public liability... Is this the equivalent of our green slip?

    Its good to live in Aus :D
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  5. fcuking outrageous. How many people would be prompted to ride unrego'd/licence etc.
  6. It would pass without mention in any news outlet, the bike scene would die overnight, and the forums would blame the MRA.
  7. Thats insane...my bike with stamp duty, plate fee, CTP, rego and blueslip cost less than $400!

    Damn right we're lucky. Still, its only ever relative...

    - boingk
  8. Daam i just did my 929 and it cost me over $500. We are getting ripped here in vic.
  9. Our public liability insurance or 'green slip' is included with our rego. I don't believe queenslands is. Correct me if im wrong.
  10. That's correct...

    According to the Transport dept:

    $118.25 Registration
    $277.00 CTP


    If you're bike is a single seater, apparently the fee is $96.60
  11. I assume that with the winters over there they would really only ride for about half to three quarters of the year. The rest of the time the roads would probably be snowed over, I dunno. So that means they are paying all that for less than a years wort of riding.

  12. Yip - my bike is a single seater, so

    CTP = $92.60
    Registration Fee = $73.80
    Traffic Improvement fee = $44.45

    Total = $210.85

    Maybe this thread should be deleted incase some bureaucrat sees it and jacks the price up!
  13. V2, how do they define single seater? Removal of pegs/seat?

    The Tuono comes with a seat cowl and I also want to replace the existing hangers to remove the pegs and neaten the back end up. The bike is Vic registered at the moment, but there'll come a time when I have to change (like 2 months ago!), but if I can lower the cost, it'll make life a little better.
  14. My current bike was manufactured as a single seater (no rear pegs or pillion seat) so was registered that way from new. My previous bike was a 748 normal (biposto) but when I bought it, the guy who owned it previously removed the pegs and got a "machinery approval stamp" for it, which then changes the rego to a single seater. It still had a "seat for two" and I ended up putting the pegs back on it (so I would not loose them).

    Not sure what the machinery inspection is worth, but if you don't pillion, I think it would pay off in no time!
  15. I looked into it, as my bike rego renawal came up whilst I was on restrictions and even through I legally couldn't carry a pillion I was still required to pay CTP for 2 unless I:

    1. Removed the pillion pegs
    2. Welded up the holes said pillion pegs came out of so they cannot be reattached after inspection
    3. Remove padding in pillion seat
    4. Have bike inspected

    Not really a viable thing imo.
  16. Refer to attached for photo of the bike. I'm sure the guy I bought it from said he just took the pegs off and I think he said he got an inspector in to look at it at his place rather than take the bike anywhere?

    It was definitely registered as a single seater.

    mono [/url]
  17. It costs around the $100 mark to get it inspected and registered as a single seat. I have never heard of having to weld up pillion peg lugs however the seat has to be removed and pillion pegs. If you want to change it back then you have to pay the inspection fee again.
  18. So money back within the first year? I want to get some new exhaust hangers anyway, lose the pegs and then just use the seat cowl that I normally have on anyway. I like the idea of paying the least amount possible :)

    I did a little trip out via Atherton, Mareeba, Mt Molloy, PD and back to Gordonvale the other day. They're resurfacing the top of the Gillies, looks like a top job as well.
  19. same diff for rego'ing a car with rear seats as a 2 seater.

    My 180sx, I can only have a cage if I make it 2 seater, but to do so requires removal of seats, belts, and bolt holes to be filled in.

    I dont see any reason could couldnt put a threaded plug in, slot it so you can remove it with a driver, and just bog over it for the inspection, be easy as pie.

    I dont condone breaking the law but if you didnt want it to be a "permanent" 2 seater rego this would be the best way.
  20. Correct. Especially in Quebec where there is heaps more snow and ice on the road for longer. In Ontario you really only get 6-8 months riding a year and then have to winterize your bike for the remainder. I'd assume in Quebec you'd get even less time :( + the salt would potentially ruin your bike a lot quicker.

    This is the main reason I won't move to Canada. I love the place but no riding = unhappy dougz :(