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Que?, grocery shopping online

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MONKEYMAN, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Hi !
    i was wondering does anyone do their grocery shopping online?
    what sort of fee would having it delivered be ?
    can anyone reccommend a good site to shop from?
    any and all advice most welcome;
    dose'nt even have to be about shopping.
    could be about boobs for eg, or relationship advice, or personal hygiene tips.
    thanks in advance :)

  2. for any advice pertaining to boobs;
    , photos/ illustrations/ diagrams would be very helpfull,
  3. Boobs, google pics, for home shopping we use Coles online sometimes, I think the delivery fee is $9.95, but you can can specify a time for delivery, within half hour brackets (I think)

    It's really handy for us, my wife & I both work full time & we have a 10 month old daughter, so it's not always easy to get to the supermarket.

  4. Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina

    We used coles online - never had any issues
  5. I've used Coles online for just over a year. Had a brief go at Woolies online but every order had a problem - the meat they advertised on special was always "Out of stock" - if you selected to allow substitutes then you got way more expensive meat.

    Coles has been excellent. $9 for a 4 hour delivery window and $13 for a 2 hour window. Range is as good as the shop. Customer service is excellent.

    You can pay either by credit card or mobile eftpos. If you chose credit card the card is not debited until the day your goods are picked and delivered.

    Nearly every week has a free sample - this week I received: Lurpack (butter), Kleenex wet wipes, Frenches American Mustard, and Morning Fresh detergent. In the past I've had Dilmar tea, Nescafe coffee, chocolates etc.

    Would recommend Coles. Woolies - depends if you want the meat specials - in 6 weeks of ordering thru Woolies I never once received the specials. Didn't matter if it was chicken, beef or lamb - stock control is an issue.
  6. Switched entirely away from Coles/Woolies duopoly couple of months ago. We are saving $100+ a fortnight. Yes, we have to go and get it ourselves, takes about an hour.

    Look at it this way: if you are paid at a rate of $100/hr+ it is worth shopping online. Better use of your time.
  7. Another plus 10000 for coles.

    Personal hygiene tips:
    Wash your hands when the following applies:
    * Following the use of the commode.
    * After handling other bodily secretions.
    * Contact with rubbish/waste bins.
    * Before and after food preparation.
    * After coming in contact with animals.
    * After being in contact with an individual who has a cough or cold.
    * After caring for a personal who is ill, changing dressings, administering medicine.
    * Caring for the elderly.
    * Changing an infant's diaper.
    * Before and after your duties if you are a food handler or health professional.
    * Before changing contact lenses.

    Take a Daily Shower or Bath

    A daily shower or bath aids in the cleansing of our bodies as well as eliminating any bodily odor or bacteria ridden skin. It is recommended that we get in the habit of using a personal bath towel rather than sharing with others. Cross infection is a risk that is unnecessary if possible.

    Those who are involved in active sports or work out to a sweat would do well to take a bath after the activity. A mild soap will do the job adequately. Wash off well after soaping. Drying with a clean towel is very important. Avoid sharing soaps and towels.

    Brushing your teeth at least twice a day

    Apply a small amount of toothpaste on a toothbrush and gently brush a few teeth at a time on all sides in a circular motion, and then clean your tongue. After briskly brushing, we should thoroughly rinse our mouths with water while disposing excess water into the sink. Your toothbrush should be changed after 2 months.

    Other Personal Hygiene Tips

    Getting into the habit of routinely clipping fingernails/toenails on a regular basis is good. Growing nails is okay if they are kept clean and manicured routinely.

    Cover all cuts, burns and sores and change dressings regularly – pay extra attention to any open wounds on hands and arms.

    Replace the sponge frequently. Sponges and scrubbers provide the warm, moist conditions and trapped food particles on which bacteria thrive. The bacteria can multiply, increasing from a few to millions in a matter of hours. Use a different implement for each cleaning task in the kitchen and bathroom.

    Routinely disinfecting both indoor and outdoor waste bins is a good habit to get into. Due to the fact that waste bin liners can leak, germs can easily spread to other areas that the liners may come in contact with such as floor, countertops, our hands, etc.

    If you are preparing food for your family, remove your jewelry as well as continuously cleansing your hands throughout the preparation of the meal. Pay close attention to dishcloths, washcloths, pot holders, aprons before and after cooking.

    Even though following these personal hygiene tips are beneficial, the creation of a sterile environment through excessive cleanliness may potentially be harmful to the immune system.

    Scientists now suspect our hyper-cleanliness could be making it tough for people to develop the proper immunity to fight off disease. Exposing very young children to dust, dirt and dander, the thinking goes, could help them develop normal immune systems that are able to fight off allergies, asthma and autoimmune diseases later in life.
    (got from this website: http://www.immunesystemremedies.com/personal-hygiene-tips.html)
  8. how does it save $100?

    sorry, can you elaborate?
  9. We buy all our fruit + vegies from a couple local produce shops that literally are either opposite the local Coles and down the road (we have 8 fruit + vegie shops within a 5 minute drive that I know of) and they are all at least 30-80% cheaper than Coles or Woolies, plus I would bet that the produce is actually fresher. We hardly ever shop at 'the big name' supermarkets, their lack of morals with producers for one, yeah yeah, we are dirty hippies *cough*

    Well, it helps we both aren't working at all so we have time to research/shop around to see what's better (and cheaper at times) for produce/products, we do buy baby stuff from Coles from time to time, not much range at the local IGA whom we prefer (usually just buy bread + milk plus little day to day stuff from), of course this is deviating wildly from the OP who is looking for online retailer to shop from.

    When we lived in Richmond, we had to 'wait' for Saturday morning for the farmer market but now that we moved here (North Geelong area), there are heaps of fruit + vegie people plus good alternatives to the big name supermarkets, location + time would play a big factor in people being able to buy produce/groceries etc for price and/or convenience (+ quality in some cases, like fruit + vegies)
  10. We use Aussie farmers direct for groceries. Very reliable and well priced, although we still use a butcher for most meat. Fruit and veg are delivered during the day, and everything else at night - but you need a house/unit as they just drop it off (which suits us fine as we're never home).
  11. :woot: Thanks gang! Heaps of awesome replies! Awsome(y)

    oh and an extra sloppy thanks for Hovercase> =P~
    for providing such a massive slab of rivetting text ,fascinating stuff!
  12. All our groceries come from the markets, we haven't been to a grocer in years.
  13. Delivery should be free really.. they are making enough money off you already when you buy their product
  14. ah, misread it. yeah, i no longer shop at supermarkets for the main things. i go to the butcher for all meat products (don't eat fish really) and go to the markets and the vegie shop (out of home run business) for all my fruit n veg.

    supermarket for anything else like soap, toiletpaper, toothpaste, chocolate etc. breads from the bakery. makes it a nicer experience :D
  15. I do the same .... as a child, I used to go to the Queen Vic markets in Melbourne with my parents and now that I have returned to melbourne, I do the same and buy all my fresh produce there and stuff like coffee, bread, butter, etc. The only things I buy at the supermarket these days are the usual hygiene/cleaning products and milk and ice cream and I try to go to IGA in preference to Coles/Woolies.
  16. i only have IGA and foodworks here lol. nothing big :)
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