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Quarantine Holding my parcel?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by L0Ki, May 6, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I order some parts (2nd hand) for my bike going on 4 weeks now and have yet to receive the 2nd of 2 parcels that were to be delivered to me. I’m worried because the parcel that hasn’t arrived yet is in fact an air box and there’s a very high likelihood that its got dirt of some sort in it. As far as I'm aware that’s a big no no for quarantine.

    The 1st of the parcels arrived a week after paying for the items. And I’ve now been waiting an extra 3 weeks and haven’t heard a thing.

    My question is I guess, is there anything I can do to follow it up and make sure they haven’t burnt it. I’m willing to pay for the cleaning of it etc.

    P.S The parcel is coming from England.


  2. Probably doing a trip around the world first. It is the post office after all.

    If it was sent by air mail you should get it sooner rather that later.

    If it was sent by ship don't hold your breath. Had an idiot do that to me from eBay. It took 11 weeks to get here & the parcel was not in good shape. Damn handlers.

    Doubt very much it is held up in quarantine.

    Try getting in touch with the sender to make sure it is on its way.
  3. Customs will tell you if they are holding it and fopr what reason.

    My mother tried to send me some bags of prok scratchings from england and they got stopped on the way through.

    They sent me a letter shortly after asking if I wanted to appeal or was happy to let them be destroyed.
  4. It'll be 3 weeks tomorow since i recieved 1 of the parcels from the seller and they were sent at the same time. So i can probably safely assume that its just now lost in the world somewhere. Because surely Customs would have alerted me by now that there holding it etc?

    Not looking good. Atleast its forcing me to do uni work, cause i cant work on my bike!
  5. +1 customs would have told u by now
    u got a gpx, surely parts arnt that hard to find localy
  6. Its for my CRM250. If only it was as easy to find parts for. :(