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Quandry for Bob

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRBob, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. HTFU ;-)

  2. Sell 'Nicole' and go on another south pacific cruise

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  3. Hold on to 'Nicole' and see what happens

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  1. Most of you know about my work mishap just over 6 weeks ago so I wont bore you with that :p

    I Did a minor 300k ride two weeks ago with some of the boys/girls from over at the OzFirstorm site, where I sort of behaved :wink:

    The day after was I getting some minor pain and a little swelling of the elbow again, but didn't worry me much at all........ But it should off !

    I can bend my arm ok, but just have NO power in my hand to even squeeze Nadeens boobs let alone a brake lever or hold a spanner for work.

    I let it go with some good old panadole and sambucca , but it just kept getting worse so I had to revisit the quack, followed by more xrays and ultrasounds.

    Now I find I'm waiting for some surgery to repair the ligaments and 'other' damage. The prognosis is for only 60% use at best, maybe less ?
    With a projected 8 to 12 months after the surgery, before I can even expect to even try to jump in the saddle again. I find I'm now having an internal debate with myself. Too
    A: Soldier on keep the bike and hope for the best after surg.
    B: Bite the bullet sell the bike and use the funds to go on a holiday.

    Anyone want to buy a 00 mod red ? or any other suggestions?
  2. good luck with the op and hope you can decide the cruise idea sounds good there should be a good chance of a root or two
  3. Keep the bike
    Keep Nadine.
    Sell the cats.
    Having your bikes in the shed, will prove to be therapeutic, in ways that you mightn't yet understand, while you do your 12 month wait.
    That was how I found it, when I couldn't ride, for a year or so.
    Time passes quickly.
  4. Sell it. But only because it's a Firestorm... :p

    Hope things work out OK mate. :(
  5. If you are looking at ending up with permanent loss of strength in your lower arm(s) then I'd suggest that some of the advice given to Ulysses club riders who have carpel tunnel and similar might be helpful.

    1. Avoid bikes that lean a significant portion of your weight onto the bars (via your arms and wrists) and chose a bike with an upright riding position.

    2. Avoid bikes without any fairing that cause lots of wind pressure where you end up being a wind sock and holding onto to the bars to avoid being pushed backwards.

    3. Consider a bike with linked brakes where you can activate both the front brakes and the rear brakes with the rear brake pedal.

    Given that you ride a VTR1000F it seems likely that you like Hondas.

    The VFR800 meets all of the above criteria -:
    Upright riding position, good wind protection and linked brakes.

    There are of course others.

    Think about it... it's better to be riding a bike (even a less sporty one) than not riding at all IMO.
  6. Hey Bob, best wishes with the elbow and Hobson's Choice, what a bummer.

    {I'm with Rog; keep the bike, even if you can't ride if for a while...}
  7. i vopted HTFU bob, only because i know the rest of the boys and girls at ozfs would say the same :LOL:

    nicole looks too good to offload mate
  8. Bob send it down to me mate ill look after her till your ready to throw a leg over her again. As long as she dosnt cross breed with my Blue (dont want no illegitimate maroon storms runnin round ) :p :shock: :LOL:.
  9. Keep Nicole. Don't hope for or expect the best, demand it :grin: You will get better and you can always go sit on her when you feel low!
  10. The idea of you not riding is to me a sin of all sins :evil: . Harden the f#ck up Bob. Don't let me down! Next thing I know some m0therf#ucker will tell me the Easter Bunny doesnt exist! :shock:

    Sell the cats, get a prosthetic arm to squeeze Nadeen's boob and for God's sake ride something!
  11. Bob, Sorry to hear the bad news.
    The FJR1300 comes without a clutch (sort of).
    Otherwise a Silverwing or Bergman...Only the rear brake over on that lever.
    Better to ride than not to ride.
  12. Yeah, sell me the Storm and get a VFR in a year! Or (gasp) a Shadow or some other cruiser where there's no weight at all on the arm.

    Seriously, look after yourself, man - that arm's gotta get you through a lot of years yet.
  13. Try changing to the other hand .. :p