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Quality chain versus cheap chain.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mjt57, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. I have to replace the chain on the B'bird. I really should do the sprockets as well, but they're wearing pretty good.

    The current chain has a few tight links and causes that "graunching" sound but it's not stretched that much.

    So, I was thinking of maybe getting a cheap o-ring chain that would wear out around the same time as the sprockets do, then a year or so from now, replace the lot before I sell the bike.

    I'm on a bit of a budget at the moment due to extensive house rennos and a $25k bill for underpinning. So, just wondering if anyone here has recently bought a chain and if so, was it el cheapo, expensive and what did it cost?

  2. I hesitate to give such an experienced rider any advice, but my long-term experience has been that a D.I.D. chain, for example, will outlast a cheapo by a factor of two to one. If you just want to wear through to the sprocket change, why not do what I did and buy a chain from a wrecker???
  3. Yeah, that's an option. Didn't think of that. Thanks.
  4. What chain does the BB run? Quality does not neccesarily mean expensive. 520 DID O ring chain can be had for as low as about $80 if you watch for sales and buy in advance. Good for 25-30,00kms
  5. I have had my share of chains and a EK MVX will outlast Did by up to 10,000 ks.As for buying a chain from the wreckers and putting it on old sprockets on a large capacity bike well personally thats a shitty idear.Why not fit 2 different chienese and korean tyres from the wreckers and spend the money saved on a second hand oil filter :wink: .With all the talk on this forum about insurance and safety from time to time dodgy cheap fixes are exactly that one thing wrong and your on yout bum :grin:
  6. Dunno what brand is currently on it, but presumably it's a standard 520 O-ring chain.

    To the guy who doesn't approve of sourcing bits from the wreckers, I'm merely looking at a cheap option to tide me over for the next few months. Putting a used chain on isn't a safety issue. You merely rummage around til you find one that looks in reasonable nick.

    And who knows - the place may have generic branded products that'll do the trick.

    But I won't fall for the trick of using industrial chain. I remember, years and years ago, a mate at work got some chain that we used to drive some machinery. He put that on his Z1000 (78 model, then new). The chain lasted him about 2 weeks and it rooted the sprockets into the bargain.

    The chain was not designed for high speed use, despite it being used to carry some heavy loads. So, on the bike it lasted precisely as long as we'd expected it to.

    The last time I bought a set of chain and sprockets it cost me around $330, from memory. I'm on a tight budget, so I'd rather avoid such a large purchase at this time if I can.
  7. Maybe your current chain is still serviceable,give it a very good clean with kero & drown it in engine oil.
    Leave it on for as long as you can,wipe off the excess & see if the tight links have freed.
    Might last you long enough untill you can afford a new Chain/sprockets.

  8. Just do it right and you wont need to worry about that shit chain and knackered sprockets for another 50,000km.

    Were not talking thousands of dollars for the whole procedure.. Do it properly and you probably wont have to do it again. On this bike at least.
  9. Who gets 50k from a chain and sprocket set?

    Yeah, you're right. But right now dollars are tight. Or rather, I have a huge repair bill on the house that I have to deal with. So, the bike is very much a low priority at the moment. So, if I can spend as little as possible on it for the time being, so much the better. Otherwise I'd simply go out and spend the $300 on new chain and sprockets.

    Anyway, today a mate tells me that the local bearing supplies sells o-ring chain really cheap. Just need to take mine in to compare it with what they have in stock and if it's cheap enough I'll get a length of it and a rivettable joining link. Otherwise if the cost of the chain is the majority cost of the complete set then I'll spend the extra few bux and 'do it properly'.
  10. I've been searching. Cheapest is $175. It's a 530 chain, btw.

    Rang the local bearing supplies. The fellow didn't have any in stock, but he said that it's expensive, anyway.
  11. For those interested I sourced a chain off Ebay. Cost $60 delivered.
  12. Keep a close eye on it, I'd expect it to be a piece of shit, stretch quickly, develop sideways flex quickly, need lots of adjustment and root your sprockets. I was just looking at those chains on eBay myself and decided to go the other way and get a high-end one and good sprockets instead. I'd love to hear how it goes, though, because $60 a chain sounds bloody beaut to me. I'd stick one on every oil change.
  13. SFR chains are actually quite good. I remember seeing them in europe 10ish years ago.
    You don't see them much in Australia, and I reckon this is because we have a pretty poor market.
  14. I'm up to low 40s on mine (needs replacing now) but I'm slack with lubing and I ride in any weather.

    So 50 on a mid-capacity bike that is mostly ridden in fair weather, with a more careful chain maintainer, shouldn't be too much of a stretch.
  15. I take it that that pun was unintentional...
  16. That's about all I'd need. Sprockets are not new, but not knackered. So, if it lasts me another 5,000km til I sell it, all well and good.

    Who knows, the chain and sprockets may well still be OK by then, so I might not have to replace them. Time will tell.

    As for Nam's comments, he may have a totally different riding style to me and hence, needs top notch gear. Or his experience may be a once off thing. Remember, his is but one experience with this particular product. There may be many more who were happy with this brand of chain. Or there may be others who have had bad experiences with it.

    What was confusing or unclear was the comment about pins "flogging out" and a circlip that failed, or something like that.
  17. I'm not sure about the details of the chain failure, but yeah, he's a stunt rider so his chains get a belting - then again, his bike doesn't have 160 horses.
  18. no. no. quite intentional. good to see someone is awake.