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Quad bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Turnip, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. My cousin took me for a ride in his V8 offroad buggy this afternoon, and he managed to roll it on it's side. Apparently he's never done that before, and he's a really experienced driver. No damage done to us or the buggy, but when we didn't come back my uncle came after us on the quad and then went off to get help.

    He turned around a little too fast in long grass, and then hit a large rock, which sent him flying and the bike flipping over a few times.

    He's got a bit of a concussion and he was quite disoriented for a while, but he's very lucky the thing didn't land on top of him (on in the side of my dad's car, who'd just turned up as he crashed). My other uncle's a doctor, so he kept an eye on him.

    None of us were wearing helmets. Didn't make any difference in the buggy (open fields and the only danger was rolling, not hitting trees), but it would have made a big difference on the quad.

    I had my first experience of riding one though, as someone needed to take it back up to the shed afterwards. I took it slow - 2nd and 3rd gear. Don't like it at all - wheel track's not wide enough to keep it the right way up. Much rather be on two wheels.
  2. I rode a quad buggy in Bali. lol

    That's all I can offer for this thread...hehehehe. But it was bloody good fun I might add. You could do the quad bike or buggy. I did the buggy. Next may will do the bike I think.
  3. I found that the trick to riding a quad was to ride it like you stole it. If you pussyfoot around with it, it's hard to ride, but if you're on the noise, it becomes much easier to handle. :cool:

    I won't get on the Polaris without wearing helmet, goggles, gloves & full armour. There's just too much of a chance of things going pear-shaped in a big hurry. :oops: :LOL: I've cartwheeled it a few times, and it always sucks trying to chase the bastarge down to stop it.. :roll:
  4. I still want to add one to the list of toys...
  5. Aa few weeks ago I took the family - 8 of us - quad biking on the sand dunes near Newcastle.
    Could not have had a better day....
    They were small - I have ridden bigger in the mountains in NZ - but just right for sand - fling them around - do wheelies etc.. will do it again when the bank balance recovers LOL
  6. All I can say is LOL and dam me. I brought a trx300 farm quad off my brother in law, got it home and had great fun with it. Took it into the local bike shop and got the front cogs changed so now it does 80 -90 km instead of 60km/hr. Used to jump the creek and dam walls with it and get all four off the ground, thought the ass is a little too heavy I never ended up rolling it. The only time I came close was in the creek I hit a log and being an idiot I stuck my foot on the ground and the rear tire went up the back of my leg and too a fair bit of skin off. Got home and a week later welded a set of floor boards in. :grin: now no problem...but as I don't live on a farm anymore she has sat in the back yard for 3 years, maybe once I get my shed build I will strip her down and get her going again.
  7. I got 2 quads, and love them. I ride them slow and flat out, slide them round corners, and lean off them at higher speeds keeps them rubber side down no problem.
  8. So you were all belting around in a buggy and a quad bike without helmets.

    Yep there great fun but the the term dickheads comes to mind.

    Oh well Darwinian theory is a great thing.
  9. the first time i rode a quad bike, i was wondering why the quad bike didnt turn when i lean my body :LOL:

  10. This one would!

  11. Have ridden a quad on dunes in west Tassie (they were Honda somethings).

    Heaps of fun, wouldn't do it without a helmet though (and full gear would be better). Only thing I didn't like was the thumb thottle.
  12. My OH rolled a buggy about 6 years ago. still has a 30cm long scar down his arm where it was ripped open :shock:

    I don't trust them other than putting around doing farm duties....
  13. This is a big V8 racing buggy that my cousin uses in the Gascoyne Dash. Wouldn't be much good at farm duty, unless you really have a need to cross your farm at 200km/h.
  14. My old boss paid $10K for a Honda Quad to tow his planes in and out of his hanger!!! :LOL:
  15. They shouldve painted that green and called it the Grasshopper!