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Quad bikes on the road?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by removed-6, May 29, 2008.

  1. Why is it that quad bikes can't be road reg'd???

    They would be loads of fun on bitumen, motard style quad bikes!!!!!!!!!

  2. you just said it..'fun'.
    the illuminati dont like it when we have fun.
    would you ride a quadi at 110kph on the freeway?
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    You answered ya Q :grin:

    They know how you people will use em on the road :LOL:

  4. FWIW, they can be in the UK. 5th Gear had a segment on the training requirements recently. Basically one is required to tear around a dirt track first. :)
  5. Would you ride a motorcycle at 110kph on the freeway?
  6. I wish my "quadi" did 110km/h...to dream, to dream.
  7. That'd be so awesome if Quadies were allowed on the road here in Sydney! :grin:
  8. for any one who has ridden a quad would know how unstable they are at sharp turns
  9. :LOL:
    I remember in Italy a few years back, driving through the mountains and these three quad riders were getting up on two wheels at every bend.

    We even filmed them .... if I can managed to download it I'll post it up.

    Of course, but just imagine if all of a sudden 'motorcycles' were invented. Can you ever imagine the powers that be allowing these dangerous two-wheeled things on the roads? No way hose'!
  10. have done thise many times..as long as it's marked 110 of course :cool:
  11. There plenty of motorcycles/scooter that I wouldn't ride on a Fwy, or couldn't go 110kmh........

    Does anyone know a real/legal reason why they won't be allowed?
  12. usual reason - no manufacturer has tried to meet ADR. It's possible it can be done, just noone has seen a benefit to it.
  13. They could be considered too short. if yiu ar sitting on them a lot of the time you will be shorter than most cars i'd think. This might attract a bit of "safety" discussion. i suppose you can put a safety flag on the back though.

    trying to regulate luggage limits would be a nightmare too i'd say. This would also affect weight and then handling. a bit unstable on the road for my liking. the farm is another matter though :twisted:

    It'd probably get through though. pretty easy to mount a front revenue/rego plate :p
  14. Im sure farmers can get a "tractor" rego and ride em on the the road as long as they stay within a certain distance of the registered address.
    Oh and some councils use em for spraying weeds etc, if you notice they have rego plates
  15. Yes, you can get a primary producer conditional rego but that theoretically limits you to, among other things, 50km/h so the 110km/h capability is a moot point anyway. :(
  16. i think the weed spayers are registered more for identification, assett management than as a legal road going vehicle. all the ones i've seen are generally trailered to the destination, do the work and back on the trailer.
  17. I have one with "farm rego". Just a back nummer plate.

    Really bad idea for using on the road, fuel efficient, compact, easy to operate, safe, useful carrying capacity. Nothing there to please the authorities.

    It doesn't go much over 60klicks without reving its box off, so not much scope for revenue raising there either.

    Can't ever see it being legal for general use. :cool:
  18. If the importers brought in one that met the ADRs then it could be. Of course iby the time you did that and added all the stuff the ADRs require (like seatbelts) you'd have a car... :LOL:
  19. have you actually looked at any of the scooters that overtake you everyday? :p
  20. As others have said, you can get a conditional registration which puts them in the same category as a tractor.
    No rec reg, no full reg. Plenty of quad riders have tried to appeal this as they would like to ride in the State forests just like their 2 wheeled counterparts but nothing has changed.
    The general answer given is that they're too unstable and given that every time I've been on a ride with quads, someone has had a serious crash, I tend to agree with them.
    ADR isn't so much an issue because MX bikes aren't ADR compliant yet you can rec reg them. It's purely the viewpoint that they aren't safe, which started in the 70s I believe when you could ride off road trikes/quads and there were lots of people killed.