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QT50 Moped project - should I?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by mattb, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. Have always been a moped and scooter fan, and of late have thought about spending a couple of hundred dollars and fixing up an old scoot for the pleasure and learning factor of pulling apart an old motor (without it mattering too much if I stuff up) and doing something up, and, considering it's $90 a year to register a 50cc bike, keeping it as a spare to join friends on scooter rides (somehow the GT550 don't cut it there - 11 times too big!).

    I thought I'd get a Honda Cub, but there's the chance to buy a bike off a friend - a Honda QT50 (pushbike on steroids!). Here's a photo of one (not her's), on the web:
    http://www.vintage-motorcycles.com/YamQT50 fulllft.jpg
    Her reason for selling is that I helped her buy a Suzi GN250 recently, and this old thing never worked well - it will ride for 1 to 10 kms, and then suddenly just die. I'm a bit scared of 2 strokes - my first bike, a Yamaha Passola, died after three weeks of ownership (I'm scard!). What do you think - should I take the risk? Do these symptoms (as described with precise vagueness) sound familiar to anybody - any ideas on possible fixes? (-I figure I might borrow it for a week first, and see if they work, before I decide to buy or not.)