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Q's about getting a bike to Road worthy standard..

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Grunge, May 7, 2006.

  1. Hey y'all,

    Does anybody know how much it cost to get a bike (specifically a zx2R) to RWCond, especially with:

    Also does the fact that it has a crack above the indicator be a problem.

    I've been looking for a bike for my first bike and someone is selling one, part of the problem is that it's been garaged since '03, so it has no rego and prolly hasnt' been touched.
    And at this stage I'm not sure if it's worth getting for the problem of having it repaired to get it to RWC.

    Can anyone with experience on this kinda stuff help me out? How much would rego and the repairs cost? From the looks of it it wouldn't really be worth to get it, but I just wanted to find out.
  2. Hi Grunge

    What does a ZX2R cost ready to go with 12 months rego? And what is the price differential to buy this particular bike with all the work that has to be done?

    Disc Rotors look to cost around $100 each. So depending if you are handy and can get the wheels off not that expensive a project. Having said that, I don't know if they measure the disc rotors for wear on a roadworthy?

    I take it the crack is in the fairing? If so then remove fairing and use some fibreglass repair from behind and lightly sand and paint or sticker. Or is the actual blinker housing cracked?

    Make sure tyres are OK - if they are flat then they may have to be replaced. And battery will also need a good trickle charge but budget for a new one.

    If the price is right after all this, grab it, nothing like learning about your bike. Buy a manual and do a full lube service with some new spark plugs and then take it for the roadworthy.

    Good luck with it all.
  3. If you can't do the work yourself, I would think hard about buying an unregistered bike. There can be lots of work in little things to get rego, I would hate to have to pay someone to do it. I must have put 50 hours at least into teh Z to get it registered....multiply that by $60 an hour.
    Find out how much to pay someone to do it, plus rego, then find the recommended sale price for the bike in that condition, and offer the price less repairs minus 10%.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Toecutter wrote
    I think you'll be looking at a fair bit more than $100 for disc rotors mate, especially for the front one. Non-genuine ones are going to set you back $300 plus for the front and about $150-200 for the rear.

    Disc rotor thickness certainly is a issue up here in QLD and their pretty fussy about it too. My front disc rotor was 0.02mm under size and they wouldn't hand over the blue-slip (safety certificate) until that was fixed so I feel your pain Grunge!
  5. There's always way more little things then what you might expect when trying to get a roadworthy. Unless its an absolute bargain i wouldnt bother. By the time you fix all the little things and get it registered you probably could have bought one with rwc and reg. But if its an absolute bargain and you can do most of the stuff yourself it could work. When i was getting my gpx roadworthy (yeah i speak from experience haha) a new rear disc was 195, that was a metalgear one, they might even have a website to buy directly, but fronts would be a fair bit more then that

  6. New after market front disk will be around $330 each and rear around $220 (i can supply the rear and fit at that price)

    Second hand front disks are around $160 to $200 each they can be rare... just need to shop around...

    the crack in the indicator... as long as there is no wjite light showing should be a pass...

    But if the bike has not been started for 3 years... first question is why?? than it will need THAT problem fixed... and several other bits done... Oil, oil filter, air filter (possibly) coolant, barke fluids, sparkplugs just to start...

    My expiriance... if it does not start a bike like that is worth no more than $1K... I always asume it needs an engine!!
  7. Kewl.
    Just another question, how much does a type cost, on average?
    Was just looking at another bike (CBR250RR) the owner says no RWC but it would only prolly need a new tyre. (Singular not plural.)

  8. Depending on where you gert it from...

    Second hand good one will set you back as little as $70 form Vic Wreckers But if you look around on some of the forums you can get a RWC tyre for $45...

    New ones are around $160 and up...