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qride toprider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by nuckles, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Any Ideas on what to expect from toprider in what they want you to do to pass.

    I am doing it on sunday, I have my learners and need to go to a open licence.
    Doing the refresher course first 5 hours then q ride licencing 5 hours.


  2. QRide assessments are supposed to be the same state-wide. You need to be declared completent at the following:

    1) Hill starts (no stalling)
    2) Slow riding (18m in at least 11seconds)
    3) Slalom
    4) figure 8's
    5) countersteer hazard avoidance
    6) emergency braking (40kms no skid)

    and then you go on a road ride.

    How strict your assessors are seems to vary widely form place to place - so good luck!

    I've come from zero experience to passing all competencies in 10 hours and just need to do the road ride - but my QRide provider apparently is known for being a rip-off merchant who cream as much money from their customers as possible... (and I'm really annoyed that its taken TWO MONTHS from when I first booked my appointment to when I finally get my licence!)
  3. Ok heres the results.
    I did the toprider on sunday.
    First up is a refresher course.
    5h of pratice of things you need to know for the test.
    Great learning. My bike was a bros 400 honda.
    Then we had to do as dadagain said.
    The only thing i had troble with was the figure 8's I was going to slow and to wide.

    pass and learnt heaps, still need to get a bit more relaxed riding but will come with kms on the bike.