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Qride today and tomorrow

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Samboss260, May 19, 2012.

  1. Well, did the first day of the Qride course / training at Pro Honda Rocklea. Great day, full on, and learnt heaps.

    Tomorrow is another day, and this is when they see if we are ready to pass the competency assessment and then the final Qride ride out on the road. Managed to do everything today, figure 8, slalom, slow ride, emergency stop etc. But not sure if I'm doing them quick enough. Hopefully I pass it all tomorrow. If a third day is required, it should only cost name an extra $20 forth third day, as they cap you getting your certificate at $600.

    So here's hoping tomorrow goes well. Are they really tough on the competency based stuff?
  2. If you get Richard with a hangover he will be lol. On a Sunday it's guaranteed :)
  3. Oh fantastic...
  4. On the bike ride I went on we had a rider fall off his bike and still pass....does make you wonder
  5. Ah you can actually fall and pass. Stop half a wheel over the white line and your in big trouble. Go figure. U can also speed three times now.
    NCE's and CE. You don't want the CE's
  6. yet in a car you can speed 5 times, stall 3 times, fail to start 3 times and still pass (though i stalled a fair few times in my qride so i shouldn't complain)
  7. I just hope to get everything right and pass tomorrow
  8. I did mine through them... aside from the shit time I had I did pass even considering I dropped it on one of the slaloms on assessment day. I think you can drop it in the training area just not on the road. I also found they would say something - eg. with the figure eights; "You need to pass through the center eight times in no more than (whatever amount of time you are given)" - but they were actually more blasé than you would think.

    All the best for tomorrow. :)
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  9. Figure 8's are the most difficult imo. I was starting to think the instructer had forgotten I was there because I'm sure I did way more than the required amount.

    Samboss, relax on the day and you will blitz it.
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  10. U will be fine.
    Sundays are actually the big easy day. Everyone is in Sunday mood. Even the instructor. Like he is a bum who does not want a real job so prob even more sloth than you guys.
    Fig 8's, the highlight of the day. I love them, but I am a show off.
    1. heaps of throttle against the rear brake.
    2. your HEAD should be at 180 degrees to where you are as soon as you can look back that far. If you are on the outside of the left loop your eyes should be on the pass,the center between the two loops. And your EYES LEVEL WITH THE ROADS SURFACE!
    3. Counterbalance. You need to tip the bike a fair way over at a slow pace.Hence why we use so much throttle against the rear brake. The bikes natural righting motion.
    So when it gets a bit tippy in, it feels like it's going to fall. WE use more throttle. That is what the throttle is for in fig 8's. Your righting motion. The rear brake is the ground speed. Your head will initiate the turn. Tip the bike in with your right hand if going clockwise. BEND at the hips so your upper body stays central with the bike and the axis of the ground and bikes lean. Your in total BALANCE. The bike can go all the way over, all the way. You are in complete control
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  11. You'll be fine.
    If you can ride you'll pass so don't worry about freak accidents.
    When I trained with them I had a nice stack the first time I tried an emergency brake (I did only one day, not two). But it is training and I learned what I got wrong and next time was fine.

    Look forward to seeing you around.
  12. Q ride was so fun.

    I still have not ridden in a worse storm than on the afternoon of my q ride... Now THAT was a test!!
  13. Well, passed with no worries. Nailed the figure 8, even in first gear within the specified time. The road ride was interesting, shitting myself at first going straight on ipswich road, never haven ridden a bike on the road. But loved it once I got used to it.

    We had Jamie, who was awesome. Only real issue was thatvthe group today was too many students, and they mixed R's and RE riders together, which isn't too bad initially, butvwas a bit of a pain.
  14. Now to find a bike !!!!!