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QRIDE- Ride Smart or similar institutions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kcgomez, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. I've been trying to find a place for Qride and wanted to go with ridesmart on the southside as I've heard some good reviews.. however they don't seem to be picking up their phone after mutiple calls or returning the one call they picked up. Are there any other decent places to try which can supply the gear/bike (I'll probably be going to buy a helmet/gloves soon) but if they could supply that would be a plus.
    Ridesmart seemed good because they guaranteed you the licence for the $400 beginner course (up to 11 hours) and the southside station is close to me.
    Could anyone recommend anymore that are southside of Brisbane and no more than $400 and supply gear .

    I planned to go with them because I can go more than one day and it will give me more experience, so I'm looking for somewhere else which offer something similar, Pro Honda goes for 270 per day or so and I was probably going to need more than one day..

    Who have you found to be the best value for Qride as a beginner?

  2. I did QRide at Pro Honda at Rocklea - I liked the idea of a $600 cap - I did mine in 3 days mainly because I'd never ridden a motorbike before. Good crew and pretty willing to give you direct and immediate feedback when you're doing something you shouldn't be :)
  3. keep trying them dude, wayne's an excellent teacher.
    also remember there's only him and his wife (i forget her name) is the office lady, but they also have kids to worry about
  4. Yeah I've heard Ridesmart are pretty good, and am looking at doing my QRide up there in Feb, and so far they are also probably one of the cheaper ones I've seen.
  5. Ah, I didnt know that, thanks for clearing that up, I left a message on their phone so hopefully I'll hear back from them soon as I'm preferring them over anyone else at the moment!

    I think their 'contact us' email feature on their website isn't working either, anyway I did get through earlier and the lady who answered the phone seemed really helpful but was busy at the time (maybe with the kids).
    Can't wait to get on a bike!!
  6. Yep agreed, they also supplied all the gear and if you negotiate well you can get the price down to around $200 a day capped at $600

    Went back there today to get a new chain cut to length which they did free for me. Great bunch all round it seems.
  7. I've done QRide with TeamMoto at Springwood - quite good, John knows his stuff. Was about $300 per day if I recall correctly.
  8. ridesmart run theirs southside courses at runcorn off dew rd and its $400 for two days which is good price.
  9. I would just keep trying to get onto Warren and Marnie from Ridesmart, Warren can't come any more highly recommended.

    He is an excellent instructor.
  10. warren?

    but yeah, i did my restricted with them and i'll be going back for my unrestriced once money flows more freely
  11. i think collin does southside for them. Highly recommended
  12. Is there a specific number to call for southside then? I'll try to call them again tomorrow
  13. nah they're based at their home, just keep trying

  14. Should be doing my qride with them on the 4th of feb :)

    Spoke to the lady that answered the phone and explained i have been riding with friends and approx how much riding i had done. Mentioned i obvioulsy dont do everything perfect but i can at least ride to an extent. Looks like im doing intermediete.

    A couple of my friends recommended them hence why i have booked there, they had nothing but positives to say about them.

    fingers crossed for me guys.

    edit; rang to pay for the course and now got told the 4th isnt available even tho on monday i was told my name was down for it and now who knows when a slots available. ringing around now.
  15. that's a shame Rhys, I still haven't been able to get through to them yet? whats the best time to call? i'm guessing in the morning or before the close because they would be doing the classes then... who knows, it's getting a bit frustrating.. the next place will cost around 600ish for two days..... could do with that extra $200..
  16. WOO booked in! hopefully it doesn't get pushed back. but they seem really helpfull on the phone but just a bit busy for reasons already said. Should be good :)
  17. I did my qride with Ride Smart....very good bunch of people. Warren was very laid back and easy going, making you feel relaxed and at ease. He does the Aspley location on thursdays and fridays. I did my first day with him at Aspley.

    I did my second day at Runcorn with Colin....he was fantastic as well, really great actually, really helped me with my skills....an added bonus is his sense of humour, laughs a lot...pretty funny character.

    All in all, i can't recommend them enough....it can take a while to contact them, but just keep trying, they're great...hope this helps.
  18. All good man! Read the post above you ;).

    Glad to know someone else has found them to provide a great service
  19. Sorry I didn't get back to this sooner, generally I got hold of them between 1-2 pm. I think any later and they may be busy with the kids or something.

    Having said that... Whilst HART cost me 495 for 2 days Iam glad I did the 2 days. I didn't learn much that I didn't already know however it was good practice and seeing in advance exactly how you will be tested took the edge off my nerves (Iam terrible in a testing environment) so def consider the 2 day hart, or if you honestly feel you don't need it hart does do 1 day assessments which give you a few mins practice and tested.
  20. Nah I've never been on a bike by myself haha so i'm looking to do more than one day, anyway booked in and paid for mon and tuesday next week, will be good!