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Qride or Qsafe

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by wolverine_, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have been riding on overseas license for the past 5 years and now need to get a Queensland license.....my options are that inorder to get my full open license I can either do a riding test which costs $45 or do a Qsafe program (which is like a 8-10 hrs bike riding course) which costs around $300.......i am just not sure what they would get me to do in the test......is it similar to the car driving test??? please leave your comments and suggestions.....

    cheers !!!!!
  2. Welcome to the forums. Please go say hello in the Welcome Lounge area so people are a little happier to help out (we really are a nice bunch!).

    2 posts asking for help and we don't know anything about you... don't be shy :)
  3. training for 300 bucks sounds good to me, thats what i would do
  4. The info is on the Qld Transport website.

    Basically Q-Safe is no longer than 35 minutes.
    It should be similar to the car test: Just riding around for a good portion of the time on the road. It is however likely that they will asses you on bike specific things: like tight u-turns and figure eights. Margin for error is small, you will likely be assessed on the spot for each task asked of you without being given a second chance. If you are a competent rider do Q-Safe.

    For Q-Ride you will be assessed within a closed course environment, culminating (usually) in a short road around the local streets. Will probably last about 6-8 hours. Basically they will check that you are competent in a number of areas like doing figure eights, that you are a safe rider (head checks), emergency braking practice and execution etc... whilst continuously assessing you throughout the day. If they deem you competent you pass.

    So all in all Q-Ride I think is more comprehensive, which is why it's recommended for learners. But as I stated above, if you have been riding recently for 5 years this might be overkill.
  5. 5 years on a bike should mean you have a bit of experience, but may mean you have some bad habits? Only you can answer that question. Given that you are asking the question, I reckon q-ride is your answer.
  6. actually I have been riding for the past 8 years....but that was on those 125cc mini cruiser thingies (its called Yamaha - Enticer) and my dad's 350cc Enfield.....and only got this R6 2 years ago......and was thinking the test would be the cheaper option as well.....