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Qride from auto car licence...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by benjico, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Hey people.

    My wife and I are keen to learn to ride through a Qride course here in Brisbane. We took a week long vespa ride through Vietnam and loved it so much we came back and are itching to get a bike.

    the question is: The only experience with a manual/clutch I have had is the week long on the 1960's vespas. So, how long extra do you think it might take me extra to learn, having had only a weeks experience using a clutch? Will a 2 day course still suffice?

    Any assistance would be great.


  2. How long is a bit of string ???
    A few hours to learn. A fair bit longer to master.
    How long on a riding course will depend on you and your confidence. A lot of schools offer one or three day courses.
    Team Moto use to have a pay for three and gratis for how ever many longer it takes to get your license.
    So their banking on that it should only take three days of tuition for anyone to get up to their license level.
  3. The 2 day course will be fine for someone with your experience.
  4. I went straight from auto car licence to a manual RE licence.

    I did a learn to ride course (~6 hours) and had no trouble picking it up. I did accidentally stall the bike a few times when taking off from being stationary but it wasn't a big deal.

    If you're not confident in using the clutch or shifting gears I'd suggest trying a learn to ride or introductory course. It will also give you a chance to practice some of the stuff from Q-Ride too.

    However, if it's still fresh in your memory and you spent a week on them in Vietnam, you probably have enough knowledge to try the Q-Ride.
  5. I've only driven an auto car even though I have a manual licence, but caught on pretty quickly when I started learning to ride. I went through Q-Ride at Mitchelton, they take you through everything one step at a time, I'm sure you will have no worries either.
  6. thanks guys.

    Gonna go to either mitchelton or to prohonda in august.

    thanks for the info.

  7. Has anyone gone to do the Qride at pro Honda at rocklea , how was the course ?
    Can anyone suggest anywhere else to go in the western suburbs of Brisbane or Ipswich areas?
  8. If still looking around I would recomend Ridesmart. They have Northside and Southside locations. I found both Warren and Dan extremely good at teaching.
  9. When I did my q-ride a couple of years ago, we had 2 guys who had never sat on a bike before - they both managed OK - (they didn't pass but that's another story)

  10. What happened to em?
  11. I did qride at ProHonda (rocklea) only a few months ago and my wife did it last week. I don't think you will find a better place to learn to ride. I could already ride but my wife could not and we both had a very enjoyable time getting our RE licenses at ProHonda. The instructors and friendly, patience and have a good sense of humour. Plus you get 10% off the shop when you do q ride there.

    ProHonda is highly recommended in my opinion.
  12. I found Pro-Honda kinda disorganised when I did my Q-Ride there a month or two ago.

    Instructors were 'ok' blokes but were trying to teach us things to do with friction which I know were wrong from my university/highschool physics... I don't expect them to be physicists but if you're going to teach physics teach it correctly?

    The road ride section is partially through a heavy industrial area (think enormous trucks everywhere) which is pretty daunting at first but there's nothing wrong with a baptism by fire ;)

    10% discount from their shop is pretty meh as their prices are on the upper end of the spectrum.

    Was going to buy my bike from them, but in the end was dicked around a little too much and bought from Team Moto Springwood instead.

    The Team Moto guys words to me were something along the lines of "Pro are c****. I will beat ANY price they give you" And they did.

    Pro do offer a few nice things with their service etc and the Sales guy "Jaime" was very nice and pretty helpful. But overall my experience with QRide+Sales was sour.

    On the other hand you hear a lot of good things about them as well. Just my experience, which may not be indicative of them all the time :)