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Qride course eligibility

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by timnkoo, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, just a quick question to those that have done qride training. I have looked around and will prob get my licence through qride. What I would like to know is am I eligible to go for an open R licence when I have held a car licence for almost 5 years? I have held my open car licence for almost 2 years- I have read on some qride sites that only 3 years with a car licence is required and others that 3 years 'open' car licence is required. Can anyone shed some light on this issue?


  2. hey timnkoo - did u check the qld transport website? i can't remember the details.......

    i did my qride last year - i've been driving for what seems like forever (i'm 45) - but i only got my restricted licence - cause i'd never ridden a bike......

  3. Thanks for the reply...yes I have checked on QLD transport website and it doesn't clearly say- it actually doesn't even say anything about qride providing open lincences to those who have held their car licences for more than 3 years at all. So I am going by what Qride websites have said....and they are still not entirely clear. So yeah...
  4. ah typical govt department. if u like i can check tomorrow (i work for qld govt).....
  5. I also live in Queensland, and i know u just need your opens to get your unrestricted license if you go to a q-ride supplier website they have the info there usualy www.ridesmart.com.au is a good one and they have discounts for netriders to :p
  6. timnkoo, I think you qualify to get your opens through q ride?
    could be wrong but it sounds long enough.. ring a q ride provider.
  7. I am 90% sure that it is 3 years on opens. Though now you have me unsure :? I'd trust tanya's post below.

    I know I had my opens for three years and two days before doing Q-Ride. Only had my RE Learners for about 20 hours before sitting on a bike. Scary stuff when I think back about it :shock: done 8800k's in 7 months :)
  8. Thanks for the replies guys, I have done the Qride course and got my R licence...they said it is 3 years after you are off your learners, so basically once you have done your 3 years on P's you can qualify for R. I have bought a R6 and all is good so far. Might catch up or see you around the streets or on coffee nights.

  9. Good Stuff, now it is all cleared up. Why can't Government bodies make things easier and simpler to understand?

    Enjoy the bike,

  10. congrats timnkoo - glad the info was useful....look forward to seeing u at a coffee night
  11. cause we're the govmint.......and we can make life difficult......

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Take it easy, be safe and have fun :)