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QR trackday Wed 22nd Sept - Champions

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Dan76, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. A few of us are booked in to do a trackday at QR with Champions Ridedays on Wednesday 22nd September.

    Anyone else keen on joining us on the track for the day?

    Cost is $135 for the full day, you do need leathers and can hire them for $50 from Champions.

    It will be my first trackday and I will be on my newly acquired 05 CBR600RR.

    Whos keen to come and have some fun?

  2. what class are you going to book in to dan ?

    And web page says only mirrors need to be taped up, not lights???
  3. I booked online to go into Red but I am hoping to start in Green after checking out a trackday a few weeks back.

    Yeah just tape up/remove mirrors and youre good to go, and obviously remove plate ;)
  4. arrh so take tools to do that one i at track obviously,

    yeah well all booked in for slowest ( thougth there was a white group) but slowest is red with tution. Now just to convince work to give me time off.
  5. Ben if you are booked in just tell work you won't be there that day! LOL
    Works for me anyway.

    So thats you, Doug and myself booked in... who else?
  6. Yep all booked in , work has approved the leave no questions , so mest remember to take it slow and steady.

    Why remove the plate? spoke to QR and it can stay when on track.
  7. Dan seeing as its your first day you will have to do at least 1 seesion in the red group then can move up to where you want.

    Is normally the go unless they have changed that rule. Track down a bloke called Roger he normally is the short little dewarf bastard that will check over your bike he will tell ya what the go is.

    Is best to remove ya plate as insurance companies have been know to send people to float around at these days and take piccies of bikes with plates on.

    If ya bin it and make a claim and happen to be with that insurance company your claim is rejected as NO insurance company covers on track riding, unless its in their PDS the it is under a tuition day.

    Wish I could make it as weekeday days are good less riders to dodge on the track and longer sessions.
  8. Hi Razor, I just received an email back from Champions and its no problem me starting in green.... SWEET!

    I have bought myself a 6x4 box trailer that I am setting up to take my bike.
    Have ordered a Trailermate from Kaneg too, looks like a great little contraption.
  9. ahhh cool they were pretty strict on first time track dayers once.

    Yeah I use a trailermate and the KYA racing rear tie down worth every cent.


    Was thinking of coming out for the day but going away camping for a week acouple days after and be flat out getting camper trailer and stuff ready :(
  10. Yeah the rear Tyre Down looks like a great contraption.

    I have the Trailermate all mounted up now and did a test run around the block with the bike on the back.
    I think I need to drop the pressure in the trailer tyres to cushion the bumps a bit, not nice seeing your bike being skipped around the bumpy corners. :S

    Not long to go now!! Anyone else keen on giving it a go?
  11. under 3 weeks :p
  12. Yeah... Car trackday enthusiasts have been known to also tape over the VIN plate and rego label in case someone comes by. One particular car company whose name may be an anagram of URABUS is quite (in)famous for voiding warranties of trackday cars.
  13. Tempted. Especially only being ten minutes from my place. I'll see what I can do with the work roster...I can definitely use the practice!
  14. 10 minutes away!? You lucky bugger!! lol

    Jared I am sure you could pull a sickie anyway as a trackday is much more important than work!! :angel:
  15. Sickie nothing. When you're the boss, you can take time off when you want. Just need to make sure I'm not understaffed as a result lol.
  16. 2 weeks to go!! WOOOHOOOOO!!
  17. jared you dine track days before?
  18. No mate - would be my first one. A good chance to get to know the bike without the stress of oncoming traffic though - I did the advanced road course with Team Moto (at Mt Cotton) when I had the GS500 and learnt a huge amount about its handling and my abilities during the afternoon track session.
  19. 1 week and counting
  20. Yep not long to go now.

    I took the bike for a run on the trailer today to make sure it was secure and doesn't come loose. All good there.

    I am hoping my "el cheapo" Repsol fairings arrive this week so I can fit them up on Sunday.

    Other than that I am ready to go, just need to fuel up the bike and load up next Tues night, ready for an early start.

    There are a total of 4 of us from Netrider going by the looks of it, I have one other mate coming and couple of maybes. I'm looking forward to a great day! :demon: